Yesterday I ran 3 easy miles although they didn’t feel very easy.  My legs were tired, my mind was tired, and it was hot.  The scenery was still incredible but I didn’t enjoy the run overall.  Today I decided to take a “rest” day and just jog an easy mile.  My youngest asked if he could join me. He has jogged with me several times before and I know he can run a mile so I agreed.  I was out of floss so I was going to make it a destination run to the little trading post down the road to get floss.  We got about 20 feet from the neighborhood and he said, “I need to walk.”  I was thinking that he would recover quickly and we would be back to jogging in no time.  The second jogging stretch lasted about as long.  By the third one, he was flailing his arms and stumbling around dramatically.  It was fun. *sarcasm font*  We made it to the trading post and I was relieved to be in air conditioning with out him complaining for 5 minutes.  It turns out that he wanted to buy everything in the trading post.  He didn’t find it significant that I had only brought $5 to buy floss for $3.88.  That was also fun. *sarcasm font again* I didn’t even push him to run on the way home.  I just wanted to get him back to the beach house without swearing under my breath again because he is very quick to remind me that I’m not supposed to say those words, which adds to the fun. *sarcasm font part 3* After I dropped him off in front of a show at the beach house, I finished my run about an hour after I had intended to start my run.  It was really hot.  It was a bummer of a run. When I got back, I did get to stretch on the porch and chat with my family though so there was a bit of a silver lining to my whole rest day attempt.  In other news, yesterday was the end of my most recent round of Whole30.  I don’t plan on taking measurements because I don’t have my original measurements but I do plan on doing another round when we get back.  I will try to be more intentional about my saving my measurements in 2 locations for that round.  I know I’m not quite where I want to be yet with my weight so that is why I want to do another round.  Also, the start of school is stressful for me so I think having a plan for my food consumption will help keep me on track.  I’m a stress eater for sure.  However, my first order of business between now and the start of my next round will be sharing a bottle of red wine with my sisters!


It got quiet around here for a few days!! The good news is that we made it to the beach.


The bad news is that I’m seriously behind on sleep from the drive. We left at 2 am Saturday morning and I took the first shift of driving. I still haven’t made up those missing 5 hours of sleep. I get to spend a lot of time lounging at the beach though so I’m sure I’ll get caught up at some point here. Friday morning, I ran 4 miles out into the country. It wasn’t a great run but I was glad to get plenty of movement in before the long car trip. Last night, we arrived around dinner. I ran a quick mile while everyone else got dinner ready, which was really nice. This morning, I ran a little over 6 miles with my sister. I was still pretty tired so I made a conscious choice to end it while I was still ahead. My sister ran another 5 miles. She is pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to another solid night of sleep tonight although I’m tempted to stay up to take a walk on the beach under the nearly full moon.

Another day down

I felt a little better this morning so I ran 3 miles and did a shoulders and arms lifting workout. I was pretty worn out after, which I expected after how I’ve felt the last few days. I didn’t go all out to make sure I didn’t overextend myself. I needed to pay the water bill so I ran a different route than usual to drop off that payment. I haven’t posted about my recycling pick up in a long time but I’ve still been committed to trying to pick up 2 recyclable items off the ground during each run. Some days there are more options on the ground than others. Today I had plenty of items to choose from since I ran a different route than usual. My favorite to pick up are clear plastic water bottles because I can see what’s inside of them. My preference is nothing or just a little bit of water. My next favorite item to pick up is cans that have been run over because they are usually empty and easier to carry. I also make an effort to pick up items on the second half of my run so I don’t have trash in my hands the whole time. Today I turned around at the 1.5 mile mark because I saw so many of my favorite items that I wanted to go back and pick them up on my way home. I had about 5 recyclable items by the time I got home. It was a good day in that regard. I found very little trash when I was running in Phoenix so it was good to catch back up some. We travel again on Saturday so I’m hoping I can get a decent run in tomorrow. I just realized that I have no idea when I’ll run on Saturday because we are leaving well before sunrise. I’ll have to think that through. I did look up my Whole30 end date and it’s Monday. I lost my measurements from the beginning of this round though because I gave my iPod to one of my boys to use as an iPhone when he broke his and my notes must not have been backed up. I know my clothes are fitting a little better, which is progress in the right direction. I do have more weight to lose that I gained over the past year so I’ll need to take some time to decide if I want to continue my current eating commitments or if I need to make some changes as the school year starts. I’m assisting Mr. B with Cross Country so the beginning of the year will be hectic. I’m really excited to help coach though. I have a couple of girls that have been emailing me questions as they have started running to get in shape for the season. It is so great to get to share my running knowledge!!

Climbing out of the hole

I slept about 10 hours last night. It was great but I still woke up groggy and exhausted. I almost felt like I was fighting an illness. I decided to take it easy today and run in the evening. I felt much better tonight and logged almost 3 miles. I ran at an easy pace. It was mostly just a maintenance run. I’m hoping I’m up for a harder workout soon. I would like to get one more hard workout in before we go on our real family vacation in a few days. I’m not looking forward to another drive but family time on the beach will be worth it.

Travel hangover

We got home just after sunset last night.  I’m so tired from traveling.  I find it ironic that sitting still in a vehicle can be so physically exhausting.  I drank some black tea yesterday afternoon so I could stay alert while taking a shift of driving and it must have been too much for my normally caffeine free system.  I couldn’t fall asleep until after 2am.  It was horrible.  I was so tired but just not sleeping.  I finally fired up a meditation but it was auto-playing the next meditation so that woke me up each time.  I finally shut it off completely but I don’t even know what time it was at that point.  Yesterday, I did get to run at a hotel in Oklahoma City before we got back on the road.  It was actually one of the best hotel exercise rooms I’ve been in recently.  Usually there is some sort of issue with the treadmills or the temperature is off the charts but this one was fully functioning and maintained at a reasonable temperature.  I ran 2 miles before we set out on the road again.  This morning I was super, super tired when I woke up around 7am.  I walked a half mile to wake up and then jogged my beloved route through the cemetery and also jogged home.  I logged 1.5 miles of jogging total and it really wasn’t as bad as I expected.  It was unusually cool for Illinois in August so that definitely helped.

Enjoying every last minute

I really do love the Phoenix area. The weather, the wildlife, the plant life, the scenery- it all seems magical to me. The only thing missing from the valley for me is my family. For now, I will treasure the time I have there and return to the Midwest and enjoy the time I have with my family. On Saturday, my husband wanted the opportunity to go on a trail run at a park near where we used to live. Since he had watched our youngest every morning while I ran or hiked, I knew I needed to give him that time. However, I really didn’t enjoy the mile and a half on the treadmill before sunrise. I took one for the team. Today, I really wanted to do a long run to enjoy the scenery fully on our last morning in Phoenix. I was out late picking up my older boys from a friend’s house last night so I worried that I would be too tired to get up and run before it was time to pack up and leave. My early morning wake-up ritual didn’t fail me. I was up around 5:30am. I quickly got ready and hit the trail outside the hotel. I started by running to the park to do a set of pull-ups and then did both loops on the map provided by the hotel. I added an extra 0.4 miles to get a full 7 miles and found out that the trail actually continues in both directions in the city so maybe I’ll be able to explore further next time we are in the area. Luckily, it was overcast, which kept the temps in the 80’s even though it added to the humidity. I had forgotten my handheld water bottle at home so I just ran with my glass Lifefactory water bottle because I didn’t want to risk dehydration. The scenery didn’t disappoint. The McDowells were visible to my left.


And Camelback was visible to my right.


I enjoyed every minute of the run even though I was completely soaked with sweat by the time I got back to the hotel. I did stop at the park on the way back for a second set of pull-ups. My husband was a rockstar getting the kids up, taking them down to breakfast, and packing the van so I could do my long run. It was a great way to prepare for a long day of driving although I’ve been way too hungry. Speaking of food, I did stick to the Whole30 for the majority of the trip. I was really proud of myself! I did make a conscious choice to eat a flourless chocolate cake my son had gotten at a coffeehouse but didn’t eat. It was absolutely amazing. I told myself that I would take a bite and be done if it wasn’t absolutely amazing. But it was so I ate it and enjoyed every single bite. Then I got right back on track. I feel like I get more balanced with my eating every round I complete. Overall, I would call this trip a fantastic success! Until next time, Phoenix!

Rest day

Today I decided to take it easy.  I’ve been pushing my workouts pretty hard since we got to Phoenix.  It’s been great but I wanted to take a break before my body decided to take a break without my permission.  I got up early enough to stretch before heading out on a short run.  I walked halfway to the park I went to yesterday morning, jogged the rest of the way there, did a pull-up, jogged halfway back, and then walked the rest of the way to the hotel.  It was a really relaxing way to start the day.