Day 900!!!

I’m so excited to have reached another major mile stone in my streak! Granted, it’s in the midst of a bit of a slump. However, that is really what this streak has been about for me. Getting out and hitting the road even on days that I really don’t feel like running. I have learned so much about myself and my ability to push past mental and physical obstacles throughout these 900 consecutive runs. Today was definitely one of those days. I ran 2 miles today at sunrise. The good news was that it was cooler than it has been and the sunrise was beautiful. The not so great news was that I physically felt every step of those 2 miles. I am looking forward to the day when running feels enjoyable and easy again. It always happens eventually!

Day 899

I was still dragging this morning, which is discouraging to me. I’m trying to be patient and listen to my body but it’s hard sometimes! I ran a slow 3 mile maintenance run today and felt completely wiped out afterward. I’m hoping to get good rest tonight so I can enjoy my 900th run of my running streak tomorrow!

Tired- again.

That conference really wore me out! I have a ton to think about this summer though, which is good. I ran a slow mile last night at sunset but it was still ridiculously hot. I walked a little over a mile and then ran a mile. I slept ok but still felt wiped out this morning so I decided to do another mile walk and mile jog. I’m hoping I’m ready to pick up the pace again tomorrow. Also, in other news, I decided to buzz off my hair! I’ve been considering it for almost 2 years now and the cut I got last week just didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I busted out the clippers today and took it down to a half of an inch. I still might decide to take it shorter but I’m loving it for now! Short hair, don’t care.


Fun change of pace

Yesterday, my resting heart rate was back to normal and I felt ready to push myself again. I did a 2 mile warm up and then half of P90x chest and back. It was hard but not too overwhelming, which is exactly what I was wanting. I feel the workout today but I’m not overly sore at all. I’m attending a fantastic teaching conference in a nearby community this week so today’s run was a little different than usual. One of my older boys had an orthodontist appointment before the conference started for the day so I had to get on the road around 6:45am with him. I always take my lunch to events like this since I generally avoid gluten and dairy for the sake of my digestive system. I barely had time to prep my lunch before getting out the door so my early morning run was out. I did get a chance to run between the end of the conference and picking up our egg share from our local CSA though. I ran 2 miles through the neighborhoods around the CSA drop location. It was a great change of scenery although a little hotter than I would have liked.

Fighting something

Sunday night I had a bug bite on my leg swell up and get red/hot. It was beyond my normal overreacting response to mosquitos. Once I realized it was there, I drew a circle around the area of the reaction, applied some Benadryl cream, put an ice pack on it, elevated my leg, and called it a day. It was much better by yesterday morning but I just didn’t feel great all day. It’s likely a combination of factors from my sun burn a few days before, the heat, another transition with my summer, and the bug bite reaction. Either way, I knew I needed to rest. I have a hard time resting. I feel lazy and unproductive. However, I know the importance of listening to my body so I fought the scary feelings and rested most of the day. I did run a slow mile with my daughter early in the morning though, which was really awesome. She has developed her own workout plan for the summer and has been diligently completing it without any reminders for 3 weeks now. She is pretty great. I enjoyed our run together but got a recovery time from my Garmin of 19 hours on a super slow mile. My body is definitely fighting something. This morning my resting heart rate was 68, which is about 15 bpm higher than my average. Another low and slow run for me today. My bug bite looked a little worse after the run today so I’ll continue the Benadryl cream and rest for another day. A battle in strengthening the mind: day 2.


Running with Mr. B this morning was so awesome. It was nourishing for my soul. We ran 4.5 miles around the lake. It was a little warmer than I would have wanted but we met early to make sure it was as cool as possible. It was great to get to catch up and have such great company on a run!


Yesterday I did my first interval workout in a long time. Maybe even since last summer… That might explain my slower pace at my last 5k. It was a great workout though even if it was a little slower than I would like. It wasn’t too painful though and my heart rate recovered quickly during my recovery jogs. Today I did a half mile walk to the cemetery, without causing any accidents, and jogged a mile before walking the half mile home. I’m going to meet Mr. B for a longer run at a nearby lake tomorrow so I’m glad I took it easy today. In other news, I managed to burn my back pretty good while working in my garden the other day, which is a bummer because I’m usually pretty conscious of my sun exposure. I’ll leave you a picture of a portion of the freshly weeded and mulched garden instead of my intense burn lines!