It’s here, it’s here!

Spring seems to have finally arrived here in central Illinois. It has been quite lovely the past several days. I, however, have an epic cold. I feel really angsty sitting on my butt when I would rather be outdoors. I’m completely miserable though so I have forced myself to rest. In the past week, I have had a few runs over one mile but not really much over a mile. I ran 2 miles before work on Wednesday but my husband has been out of town so my time has been limited. The arrival of my cold on Friday has also sent me back to running easy miles. My youngest has been riding his bike with me while I run since it has been so nice out. He has been enjoying out time out in the neighborhood together, which is an added bonus. I’m really looking forward to feeling better so I can enjoy the weather and get out into my garden!

A taste of spring and the return of winter

This weekend was busy! The weather was also rather unpleasant. However, last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday gave us our first real taste of spring. I really enjoyed going out without layers of clothing. I ran a mile before work on Wednesday and then ran during an afternoon break on Thursday. I was certainly not prepared for the heat on that run! It was 82 degrees and sunny. Luckily I had shorts and a tank top underneath my work clothes but I really should have taken water. I ran on our local trail and ran past the half mile mark so I could visit a water fountain. I was super disappointed to find that it was still off for cold weather. I was sweating a ton by the time I got back to work and it took awhile for the sweating to subside. I think afternoon runs at work will be off limits on hot days. On Friday, I jogged while my son rode his bike to the park about a mile from our house. It was crazy windy and he had a hard time peddling into the wind but the trip back home was certainly easier. I got 2.5 miles in but I did get a break while my son played at the park. It was a good run though. I ran on the treadmill at the gym Saturday and only ran a mile and yesterday I ran on the indoor track while my youngest played basketball and my daughter swam in the pool. It snowed overnight last night and is back in the 20s. I have no interest in running in the snow again. I might end up at the gym after work. Maybe spring will stick the next time it visits.

Learning to enjoy the journey

I’ve been able to start running more, which feels great. I’ve had several runs in the past week that have been 2 milers. Two miles can seem really insignificant when I compare it to the mileage I was running a year ago but I’m learning that I need to stop worrying about where I was in the past or where I want to be in the future. People often ask what I’m training for and seem surprised when I don’t have a race planned. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy the journey. I know I have longer runs ahead and my fitness will improve. I am also aware that I have illnesses and injuries ahead as well and my fitness levels will decrease during those times. I hope I can accept my limitations and continue my streak but I’m also getting to the point where I realize that even that will end someday and that will be ok. I really enjoy the challenge of my streak because it keeps me motivated to exercise even when I would rather not but I don’t feel the urgency to keep it alive like I have in the past and I think that is good for me. I fully intend to keep it going as long as I am able and as long as I continue to enjoy the journey though. I ran 2 miles on Saturday, Sunday, and today.  I’ve run a mile every other day. I was able to do my pull-ups, dips, and a flip on Sunday, which was the first time since my knee injury. That flip really made me dizzy! It felt good to get back to something that is important to me. It also feels ok that I’ve been away for awhile too. My fitness will ebb and flow but that is part of the journey. This streak has really taught me a lot about myself and I’m happy to continue to learn.

I’m still here!

I had a bit of an internet hiatus while I was working on our old house. It was actually quite lovely! I got a ton of work done and quite a bit of quality time with the kids too. I got to run through my old stomping grounds at the cemetery. I ran 2 miles one day, 1.5 miles another, and 1 mile every other day. Oddly enough, I managed to run into a fellow streaker while I was in my hometown! I was running laps around the local park while my youngest played basketball and his son joined my son on the court. He asked how far I ran and I mentioned that I only ran a mile but I make it a point to run a minimum of a mile every day. He mentioned that his wife has done the same for over a year now and he has joined her since the new year. I was so surprised to happen across another streaker and to have it be someone from my hometown. It was really encouraging and motivating. Then, on Easter, we got another snowstorm. I worked on the house and then drove a couple of hours to meet my family for our Easter dinner. By the time we drove home, it was snowing. It accumulated disappointingly quickly.


I needed to run when we got home from dinner so I ran in the snow. I really hope it was my last run in the snow for this spring. I think I’ve wished that before already though. I’m going to keep hoping for warmth and sunshine until it’s here consistently. On Monday, I ran at the gym while my youngest played basketball. Yesterday, I ran on the treadmill at the gym with my husband. It was the first time I’ve run with him in months. It was nice to have conversation to get my mind off of my exhaustion. I really prefer to run in the morning but sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow for me to get my run done before work. Today, I took a break at work to run. It was chilly outside but it was good to get some fresh air and natural light. I also appreciated having my run done so I didn’t have to run after work again. Tomorrow looks like it will be busy again but warmer. I might try to run on another break at work. Keeping the streak alive!

Less busy but more winter

My husband went to Phoenix for work this week and my older boys went with him since it’s their spring break. The pace has slowed considerably in our household and I’m grateful for the break. However, we had a blizzard on Saturday, which made me seriously regret staying behind! There was a lul in the snow around noon so I left for the gym. My youngest took a friend with him so we stayed longer while they played basketball. I had no idea the storm was escalating while we were in the gym! By the time we left, the snow was coming down at an alarming rate, the wind was raging, and visibility was less than a quarter mile. It was easily one of the most stressful drives of my life. It didn’t help to have someone else’s child in the vehicle. I certainly didn’t want to crash with my son’s friend with us. By the time I got home, I was shaking and completely drained. I’m glad I got to run but I certainly should have gone earlier in the day. I did get to run 1.5 miles though, which felt good at the time. On Sunday, I went back to the gym with my youngest so he could play basketball while I ran around the indoor track. We went later in the day to ensure the plows had time to clear our path. I only ran a mile on Sunday. Yesterday, I got to run outside! My youngest is also on spring break so we signed him up for a day camp at the local children’s museum while I worked. The day camp started an hour before I had to be at work so I took the opportunity to run 2 miles on our local trail. It was beautiful after the snow. Regardless of the beauty of snow, I’m ready for it to disappear for the next 8 months at least.


Busy week

This week has been busy at our house. I have managed to run my mile every day but I’ve had to get creative to find the time. I guess I did run almost 2 miles on Monday but the rest have been only a mile. I even snuck in a run during a 15 minute break at work on Wednesday. I’m ready for spring weather to stick around and for the pace to slow in our household.

Not today

Every day this week, I have assessed, “Is today the day I run farther?” Not today. My cold has really lingered. I’ve been awake at night coughing. One night I woke up feeling like I had swallowed glass. Last night, my chest felt constricted. It’s been a huge bummer. However, I’ve still been able to run my mile every day. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside. I ran over my lunch break and I wanted to keep running so bad but I knew I would pay for it later so I stopped myself just after 1.25 miles. My heart rate was more elevated than usual so I’m glad I didn’t push it but I walked a bit farther to enjoy the sunshine. On Wednesday, I ran at sunrise and it was absolutely stunning.


It reminded me of the early morning runs I used to take before school with my running buddy. I miss him. The beginning of the run felt amazing. I thought maybe it was the day to run farther. As I passed the half mile mark, I realized, “Not today.” I know I will get back to where I was before I injured my knee once I start feeling better but waiting has never been my forte. Until then, I will do what I can to enjoy my 1 mile runs.