Beautiful weather

We have had unseasonably warm weather the past week and a half. I got to run in shorts and a T-shirt yesterday! I ran 3 miles around our neighborhood and the neighborhoods nearby. It was a great run in great weather for December. Today I had to run a little earlier because we had to go clean out our old house. It was still warmer than it should be for this time of year and I really enjoyed the scenery. I ran 2 miles around a retention pond to the neighborhood just to our south. It was really peaceful. I lacked motivation before heading out but once I started running, I was glad I made it outside. These warm days won’t be around for much longer.


Yesterday, I got to run a mile outside with my husband after our youngest went to school. It was so nice out but I knew I needed to have a rest day so I only ran a mile and then took some time to stretch when I got home. Today I had to go to work a little earlier so I decided to hunt down batteries for the ol’ headlamp. I didn’t have much time so I knew I would only be able to run a mile if I went to the gym. The batteries didn’t take long to find and I was able to run 2 miles before I needed to get ready for work. The sun was just brightening the horizon as I reached my turn around point. It was quite picturesque as the first light reflected off of the neighborhood pond. I’m grateful when I get to have those moments of peace and reflection before starting a hectic day. I also stopped at the local elementary school for a few pull-ups, dips, and a flip around the monkey bar. It was a great start to the day. I’m glad I have my headlamp back in working order. I would much rather run outside in the morning when the weather isn’t too awful. In other news, my son has been significantly better since coming home from the hospital. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he has finally turned a corner.

Early morning hamster wheel

The past two days, I’ve needed to drive over an hour each way in the middle of the work day to be at appointments for my son. Luckily, my new job has been really accommodating of my situation. I have gone into work at 7:30am, left for the appointments, and the come back to work until 6pm. It’s not ideal but it allows me to be there for my son while still meeting most of the basic requirements of my job. This schedule leaves very little time for my other kids or my husband. I’ve woken up early both yesterday and today so I could get to the gym and run before my family woke up. I ran 2.75 miles yesterday and 3 today. I’ve been super tired by the end of the day but I’ve enjoyed getting my runs done early. I just wish I could get outside for more runs. Future goals!

One foot in front of the other

Yesterday I ran 2 miles at the gym in the last half hour it was open. I was so tired by the end of the run. It was interesting because I wasn’t physically exhausted from the run but I was completely spent emotionally. The lights felt too bright, the music was too loud, the treadmill too complicated, and I just wanted my bed. I def went to bed early but woke up often worried about my son. Today I ran a mile outside before work. Getting outside was wonderful. The weather has been fantastically warm and I am glad I finally had a chance to enjoy it. I wish I had been in a position to run longer but I’m thankful I at least had the time and energy for a mile.

Keeping the streak alive

It’s been a long few days. I don’t want to go into detail out of respect for my son but I will say that it has been a long few days. My son was admitted into the hospital on Friday and it was an emotionally challenging day. I had been up since 1:30am and was running on 2 hours of sleep. By the time I got home at 9:30pm, I could hardly see straight. I considered calling the streak done but I didn’t want it to end with what felt like a surrender. I decided to go to the gym down the road from my house and run an easy mile. I was super thankful that they stayed open until 10pm because a run in the dark sounded even more overwhelming. My headlamp has needed new batteries for months. At the gym, I was literally the only human in the cardio room. It was lovely. I ran a 13 minute mile where my heart rate stayed abnormally low but I made it. I made it home safely, hugged my other 3 children, and went straight to bed. Yesterday was a little less chaotic but still busy. We went to visit my son at the hospital, which was actually a huge relief because he seems to be improving, took our youngest to visit with his grandpa, took my daughter to Chicago to spend time with her dad and step mom’s family, and then picked up some pictures at Walgreens to take to my son tomorrow to help make his room at the hospital feel more like home. My husband had actually gotten a hotel room in the city earlier in the week and we had considered canceling the room many times. We decided to take a night for ourselves, which was a great decision. It’s been months since we have had a night alone. I had hoped to run along Lake Michigan when we got into the city but the sun had set by the time we picked up the pictures. Thankfully, the hotel had a lovely exercise room. So, after a great phone conversation with my son, I went down to the exercise room and ran another mile. This one was slightly faster than Friday’s mile but not by much. Regardless, I’m keeping the streak alive. I’m hoping to have a little more time to run today.

Trotting turkeys

My daughter and I ran the local turkey trot this morning. It was our second 5k in 6 days. The weather was much nicer for this one. On the way to the run, my daughter was talking about wanting a turkey hat to wear for her next turkey trot. She was describing a hat that had a tall turkey neck with a head at the top that bobbed as she ran. Amazingly, there were numerous of this exact hat at the race. It was so fun seeing all of the costumes. Some people had turkey hats that looked like living turkeys, some had hats that looked like cooked turkeys, some people dressed as a life size turkeys, there were pilgrims, and there was even a chef. It was a really festive, lighthearted crowd. I ran with my daughter and we finished in under 30 minutes. I feel like I’m enjoying racing more now that I know I’m not going to get a PR or place in my age group. I’m curious to see if I can maintain the enjoyment I’m feeling during racing now as I improve my pace. My daughter wants to sign up for more races to keep herself motivated to stay in shape since she opted out of playing a winter sport this year. I am really enjoying racing together so I see many fun races in our future. She saw a flyer today for an ugly sweater run next month. Sounds like a good time!


Today’s weather was actually decent and I got off work early so I was able to run outside in the sunshine. It was pretty fantastic. I ran 3 miles around the neighborhoods near my house. It was really refreshing. I did go rock climbing this evening with my family but I was pretty tired. I have a headache now and should probably head to bed soon. I’m still planning on running the turkey trot with my daughter in the morning. I’m hoping a good night of sleep will help my headache.