Tired- again.

That conference really wore me out! I have a ton to think about this summer though, which is good. I ran a slow mile last night at sunset but it was still ridiculously hot. I walked a little over a mile and then ran a mile. I slept ok but still felt wiped out this morning so I decided to do another mile walk and mile jog. I’m hoping I’m ready to pick up the pace again tomorrow. Also, in other news, I decided to buzz off my hair! I’ve been considering it for almost 2 years now and the cut I got last week just didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I busted out the clippers today and took it down to a half of an inch. I still might decide to take it shorter but I’m loving it for now! Short hair, don’t care.


Fun change of pace

Yesterday, my resting heart rate was back to normal and I felt ready to push myself again. I did a 2 mile warm up and then half of P90x chest and back. It was hard but not too overwhelming, which is exactly what I was wanting. I feel the workout today but I’m not overly sore at all. I’m attending a fantastic teaching conference in a nearby community this week so today’s run was a little different than usual. One of my older boys had an orthodontist appointment before the conference started for the day so I had to get on the road around 6:45am with him. I always take my lunch to events like this since I generally avoid gluten and dairy for the sake of my digestive system. I barely had time to prep my lunch before getting out the door so my early morning run was out. I did get a chance to run between the end of the conference and picking up our egg share from our local CSA though. I ran 2 miles through the neighborhoods around the CSA drop location. It was a great change of scenery although a little hotter than I would have liked.

The good kind of busy

Whew. It’s been a busy few days! Friday morning I ran 2 miles from my parents’ house to the trail with my husband, which was a nice change of pace. Saturday morning I realized that I should have asked my sister if I could run with her but I was afraid I was too late. I texted her but didn’t hear back after 30 minutes so I decided to run to the store to get my mom eggs for my dad’s standard French toast breakfast. I took a little detour on the trail because it was there. I ran 3 miles total before getting back to my mom’s house. Once I got there, my sister texted me back and said she was running at 8. I decided to join her and we ran 6 miles together. It was hot but totally worth it for the conversation. Today I needed to rest after the long run and traveling so I ran a slower mile from home with my husband. The weather is expected to cool a bit overnight, which would be great. Now all I need is a little rain for my garden!

Summer break: day 2

Today I went for a run before the family woke up. I enjoyed the quiet. I ran 3 miles around town and checked out a former student’s family garden. We had talked about their garden at one of the grad parties over the weekend and I wanted to check it out. It’s always fun to have a destination to focus on during a run. My pace was under 10 mins per mile and my average heart rate was 146. The weather was perfect. It was a great run!

First day of summer break!!

I’m considering today the first official day of summer break. Somehow, I’m feeling anxious about it. I have so much on my to do list and such high expectations for myself. Nothing new. This is that transition stuff I was talking about. I’ll settle into a routine eventually. Yesterday was pretty great. I ran by the lake with Mr. B and his brother, who is also a teacher. We ran 5 miles and it was absolutely gorgeous out. I did a few pull-ups on some playground equipment and read by the lake before heading home. Today I ran 2 miles around the cemetery and did one pull-up when I got home. Yesterday was full of gardening chores, which are the best kind of chores, but I really need to rest my body today.

Still transitioning

Friday, the original crew, Mr. B, Ms. A, and me, enjoyed a relaxed midday run during our in-service day. We lingered. It was great. I really suck at goodbyes and tend to avoid them. I stayed true to form. I’ll see Ms. A next week when our order of all natural deodorant arrives at her house and I’m actually going for a run with Mr. B tomorrow morning before he heads back to his other home 2.5 hours away. I will still see both of them but it will just be different. On Saturday, I had several graduation parties to go to for my students so my now 2nd grader rode his bike and I ran from party to party. The only down side was the excessive sweating upon arrival to each one. I got 3 miles in though so I’ll consider it a success. Today, my youngest wanted to run with me so we ran a slow mile. It was a good “rest” day for me before I run with Mr. B and his brother in the morning.


Transitions are hard for me. I thrive in routine and predictability. As the school year ends, I know I have many things to be thankful for and many things to look forward to but I’m also struggling. I’m struggling to get everything done, meet everyone’s demands, plan the kids’ summer activities, say goodbye to my running crew, and keep my head on my shoulders through it all. Yesterday we had a quick one mile run with the running crew. Today, Mr. B and I were planning on running before and after school so we could get another run with Ms. A before she leaves us. My babysitter for the afternoon fell through though and I literally cried over the missed opportunity. I’ll miss our after school running crew so much. Our morning run was great though so I’m glad I was able to make it to that one. We ran our favorite 4.5 mile route out into the country and treasured every minute of our last morning run together until August. Transitions are hard.