Can’t stop, won’t stop

I really don’t know if this title is about the busyness of my life or my running streak. Both, I guess. Yesterday, I had to leave work early to take my son to a doctor appointment. I had a few minutes to run a mile before picking up my youngest from his martial arts class. I was planning on picking my daughter up some dinner before driving 1.5 hours to go to her band concert. However, the martial arts class ran over and I ended up a total ball of stress trying to leave town on time. I ended up attending the concert in my running clothes. Not my favorite but at least I was able to get her dinner there on time. Today I was completely exhausted from an excessively busy Monday and Tuesday. I still got out to run in the dark after work. The winds were the kind of gusty that blow your legs off of their trajectory when you pick them up. Luckily, it wasn’t too cold yet though. I wouldn’t say it was pleasant but it certainly could have been worse. I ran 2 miles around the neighborhood with my headlamp. I stopped by the elementary school for a few pull-ups, dips, and a flip and then jogged around the lake. It was peaceful other than the aggressive wind. I’m hoping the next couple of days are less busy.

Busy day

Today was super busy. However, the weekend was the least busy weekend I’ve had since August. I didn’t travel back to work on the house and I actually got to spend time with my boys and time cleaning our new place. It was pretty great. I ran at sunset yesterday but I really didn’t enjoy it. The day had been decently warm but I waited too long to run and had too few layers. I ran three miles but was literally counting the seconds until it was over. Today was crazy busy but I ran between dropping off my youngest at school and going to a therapy appointment. It was one of those days where I felt like I was rushing everywhere but never getting anywhere on time. I don’t like those day. My mile jog was certainly a highlight though.

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.

I checked the weather before I left on my run this morning but the weather didn’t mention the wind. It was brutal. I have a fantastic Patagonia sweater with a built in balaclava but I didn’t wear it today. I was so disappointed in myself. My face was numb within the first half mile. I felt much better on the way back since I wasn’t running into the wind anymore. I ran 3 miles before sunrise. It was quite peaceful. Next time I will make sure to cover my face though.

Enjoying the winter chill

Yesterday, I ran a mile in the morning before anyone else in the house woke up. I had planned on going to the gym but I woke up too late. I decided to grab my headlamp and brave the chilly air. It was quite windy after the front passed through overnight. On one stretch of sidewalk between 2 houses, I was delighted by the thought that I had my own wind tunnel. That struck me as odd but I decided to ride the wave of joy instead of talking myself out of it. I really enjoyed the run. I did pull-ups, dips, and a flip behind the local elementary school too. Today I was able to run after dropping off my youngest at school. I still didn’t have as much time as I would have wanted but I was able to run 2 miles around the neighborhood just to our west. My hands got a little chilly but by the end of the run, I had worked up quite a sweat. I really do enjoy running in cold weather once I get over the initial shock of the cold air.

Another rest day

If I could perfectly plan each of my days, I would be running farther and eating healthier. However, life isn’t perfect. I wanted to run 3 miles today but I really only had time for 1 mile. It was a decent mile though. Maybe little windier than I would have liked but the temperature was great. I ran around the little retention pond just to the north of our house. I’m glad I got to run outside. Tomorrow, I will likely be stuck in the gym either before getting my youngest ready for school or after work. Our temperatures are expected to plummet tonight so I need to get my winter running gear ready so I’m not stuck on the hamster wheel indefinitely.

Beautiful weather

We have had unseasonably warm weather the past week and a half. I got to run in shorts and a T-shirt yesterday! I ran 3 miles around our neighborhood and the neighborhoods nearby. It was a great run in great weather for December. Today I had to run a little earlier because we had to go clean out our old house. It was still warmer than it should be for this time of year and I really enjoyed the scenery. I ran 2 miles around a retention pond to the neighborhood just to our south. It was really peaceful. I lacked motivation before heading out but once I started running, I was glad I made it outside. These warm days won’t be around for much longer.


Yesterday, I got to run a mile outside with my husband after our youngest went to school. It was so nice out but I knew I needed to have a rest day so I only ran a mile and then took some time to stretch when I got home. Today I had to go to work a little earlier so I decided to hunt down batteries for the ol’ headlamp. I didn’t have much time so I knew I would only be able to run a mile if I went to the gym. The batteries didn’t take long to find and I was able to run 2 miles before I needed to get ready for work. The sun was just brightening the horizon as I reached my turn around point. It was quite picturesque as the first light reflected off of the neighborhood pond. I’m grateful when I get to have those moments of peace and reflection before starting a hectic day. I also stopped at the local elementary school for a few pull-ups, dips, and a flip around the monkey bar. It was a great start to the day. I’m glad I have my headlamp back in working order. I would much rather run outside in the morning when the weather isn’t too awful. In other news, my son has been significantly better since coming home from the hospital. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he has finally turned a corner.