Lovely weather day

Today was one of those days where you want to be in the sun to enjoy it’s warmth. Those are my favorite. Mr. B was gone today and the cross country kids were wound. They settled into their workouts quickly though and I had a good 2 mile run with the newer crew. After we were done, I ran some bleacher sets with our freshman girl that has a shot at moving on at the regional meet this weekend. It was a great bonus workout.


Better than expected

Today was impressively cold and windy. I was dreading running outside. I planned on going to the gym to run on the treadmill but I changed my mind at the last minute. My heart rate was elevated and I slept horribly so I knew my long run was out of the question. I decided to just run a mile and to run from home to save some time. The cooler temps really kept my heart rate lower than I expected and the wind wasn’t slowing me down too much. I ran a half mile, stopped for some pull-ups and dips, and decided to keep going. I ran 1.5 miles into the 25 mph wind before I decided to turn around. The return trip was much more enjoyable with the wind at my back. I stopped for another set of pull-ups and dips as well as a flip before heading home. The playground was soaked from the storms that went through overnight and I had fun trying to avoid the puddles in the wood chips. The 3 mile run was a pleasant surprise. I’m glad I decided to run outside instead of inside!

Soggy day of cross country

Our meet today was in the afternoon, which allowed me the time to run this morning. I had a great 3 mile run before wet weather moved into the area. we had just gotten to the start line for the girls’ race when it started lightning. We were sent to our busses for a 30 minute delay just as the sky started to let loose. We had a half mile hike to get to our van so we were all soaked by the time we got there. Then, we were back at the start line in time for another downpour. There was no thunder the second time around so the race was able to begin just as the rain let up. The course was a sloppy mess but our crew ran pretty well overall. I’m happy to be home and dry now.



I have felt very busy and overwhelmed by life lately. However, I have managed to keep the streak alive with a mile run between school and a doctor’s appointment for my son yesterday and a mile run between school and driving to spend time with my older boys and husband today. I did take some time for a leisurely walk tonight. The temperature was absolutely perfect. It was dark so I took my headlamp. I stopped by the park behind the neighborhood elementary school to do a few pull-ups and dips. I also did a flip over one of the bars. I like to keep my vestibular system on it’s toes. It felt goofy and freeing. I think I’ll be doing that more often! I’m looking forward to having time for a couple of longer runs this weekend.

Misty jog

It was cool and misty at the end of the school day today. Without any threat of storms, we took the cross country kids out for a tempo run. It was really great running weather. My crew started out a little fast but 2 out of the 3 surprised me by picking up the pace on mile 2! I looped back to encourage our newest runner. She admitted that her first mile was too fast but that she really wants to get faster. She has dreams of West Point. She will need to get faster but she will also need to pace herself. I look forward to continuing to see her grow over the next 2 cross country seasons even if I will be watching from the sidelines. Twenty one more workdays until the move. My youngest and I made a countdown calendar to hang on the fridge. Transitions are often hard even when they are good.


Today was a cloudy, rainy, lazy kind of day. The students felt it. The teachers felt it. I wanted to stay in bed all day to read and drink tea. However, that was not in the cards. Mr. B and I made it through the day by encouraging each other and taking a walk break during our prep. He even put on some old school mid-thigh shorts to do a quick run with me after the cross country team completed an indoor workout. I have 4 weeks and 3 days left before I move to be with my older boys and husband. I’m going to miss my work BFF and running buddy. He has been great support through this tough transition and throughout my streak in general. We ran about a mile and a quarter today. I’m sure going to miss our daily chats and runs.

Peaceful long run

Life has been busy lately. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I often feel pulled in multiple directions at once and I’m not feeling overly successful in any of my roles currently. I know it’s a temporary situation but it that fact isn’t going to make the next 4.5 weeks any easier. I was planning on running with my sister this morning but she came down with a stomach bug. I was bummed at first and wasn’t sure I was up for a solo long run. I’ve really enjoyed the distraction of our conversations during my last couple of higher mileage runs. I rested yesterday by only running a mile and having a lower number of steps overall. I got decent sleep last night. My resting heart rate indicated that I was ready for a more difficult workout. I woke up to thick fog and cool temperatures. I just needed to get out the door. It was really a great run. I got some time to process some heavy things that have been weighing on my mind. I also got to enjoy the mist hanging on every spiderweb. It was magical. I made it 7 miles total and ran miles 5 and 6 pretty hard. It felt good to push myself. I am looking forward to getting to run with my sister again soon though.