Utter sh*t

I was completely exhausted by the end of the day as I had predicted. I decided to walk a mile and jog a mile instead of a hard workout. I definitely made the right decision. My heart rate was higher than usual and my pace was slow but felt hard. The run was utter sh*t. This is where I generally start down a slippery slope. My thoughts tend to jump to: “I’m so out of shape. I’m really overweight. I just haven’t been running far enough lately .” On and on and on. Obviously, none of that is true from one bad run. I have really struggled so far this summer to make myself a priority. With 4 children, it’s incredibly easy to find myself in 5th place on the priority list. This past week was an exception because of driving my boys to camp an hour away every day. I tried to make the most of it and they really had a great time so I don’t think I would go back and change it if I could. However, yes, my fitness has taken a backseat temporarily. I will need to be purposeful about resetting my priorities this week but I will also have to battle the negative thoughts that will plague me while I’m down. I generally keep a thankfulness journal and write down what I’m thankful for every morning. That was another casualty of this week. I think that will be a good place to start for getting back on track mentally. I know I need to get back on track mentally and emotionally before I can expect much out of myself physically. Everything comes back to kindness.

Another easy day

Yesterday I ran another mile since I knew I had a crazy busy day. It’s been a long week. My older boys are attending a song writers camp about an hour away from where we live. I thought they would be staying on campus but I was wrong. I’ve had to drive them daily. On Monday and Tuesday, I drove there and back twice so I could run carpool pick up for my daughter’s camp. I didn’t realize that I scheduled every summer activity for my kids during the same week. Another lesson learned. I’m not sure what today holds for my workout. I would like to do a lifting workout but I’m going to do it at the end of the day so I might push it to tomorrow if I’m really worn out by the evening. Time will tell!

Fun change of pace

Yesterday, my resting heart rate was back to normal and I felt ready to push myself again. I did a 2 mile warm up and then half of P90x chest and back. It was hard but not too overwhelming, which is exactly what I was wanting. I feel the workout today but I’m not overly sore at all. I’m attending a fantastic teaching conference in a nearby community this week so today’s run was a little different than usual. One of my older boys had an orthodontist appointment before the conference started for the day so I had to get on the road around 6:45am with him. I always take my lunch to events like this since I generally avoid gluten and dairy for the sake of my digestive system. I barely had time to prep my lunch before getting out the door so my early morning run was out. I did get a chance to run between the end of the conference and picking up our egg share from our local CSA though. I ran 2 miles through the neighborhoods around the CSA drop location. It was a great change of scenery although a little hotter than I would have liked.


We made it back home today! I hope it sticks this time. No fever or vomiting in over 24 hours so I’m hoping my son has turned a corner. We got home in time for me to go for a jog in the cemetery right before sunset. I walked there because I knew I was exhausted but I wanted to jog there because it’s so lovely and peaceful. I only ran a mile but it was enough for today. I’m still going to sleep on the living room floor so I can check on my boy at regular intervals since he will be sleeping on the couch. I’m hoping we both get a solid night of rest.

Unexpected twist

I really expected yesterday to go well for my son. I left in the morning and he was feeling better. He had eaten a great dinner the night before and taken all medicine as assigned without any more fever or vomiting. I went to work and settled into my day. Then, I got the text from my husband that he had puked after taking his antibiotic and that he was shaking but didn’t have a fever. I called for a sub and went home within 20 minutes. By the time I got there, his fever was 101.5. He tried to take the antinausea medicine one more time to see if he could get some ibuprofen into his system but he puked again with the antinausea medicine on his tongue. We just left for the hospital at that point because we knew where it was headed. By the time we got there, his fever was 104.4 and the nurses were moving fast. They brought it down pretty quickly but he was pretty out of it for awhile. This mama bear has a hard time seeing her kiddos sick like that. I feel so helpless. They admitted him for 24 hour observation and IV antibiotics. He is doing much better today. We are hoping he is well enough to tolerate the oral antibiotics now. His dad came to see him after he was admitted yesterday afternoon and I snuck away for a 1 mile run from the hospital. It felt so foreign and yet familiar all at the same time. It was therapeutic for me to get out and burn off some of my anxiety. I’m hoping that I’ll get to run from home later today!

Groundhog Day- with a twist

Today, like yesterday, started way too early. I got the call from my sick boy at 2:30am. By the time I got him all doctored up, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I made the most of my morning by making protein bites and got ready to head to school. That’s when things went awry. My poor, sick man-child started vomiting right around the time I usually leave for school. He was absolutely miserable and asked me to stay home. It was too late to get a sub the traditional way so I went into school until a sub could arrive. By the time I got back home, he was hallucinating and his fever was over 103. We spent all day in the ER but they were extraordinaryly helpful. He is feeling much better this evening although still quite ill. I got to sneak in a run with Mr. B while he slept, post-ER visit. ¬†We only went a mile. We’ve both had a long week. The run was just long enough that we didn’t get physically exhausted, however, we probably could have run for another hour or two just to process everything from the past few days. There’s always tomorrow!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Today was a pretty busy day. It started at 3am when I remembered that I forgot to pay two bills last week and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Then, it ended with a trip to the doctor for one of my teenagers, who seems to have pneumonia, and then severe storms thrown on top for good measure! One mile on the treadmill was enough for me. Some days it’s just one foot in front of the other. On a hamster wheel.