My head is spinning

I took yesterday off from work to get my older boys registered at their new school.  My husband got set up with a townhouse in the district where we decided to send them on Thursday.  It has been a whirlwind.  My husband works remotely so he can stay with them in the townhouse while I teach the first term at my school and get the house ready to put on the market.  This is a move we had considered making before now since both our families live in a town about 90 miles away and we drive back and forth quite a bit.  Since the boys are entering their junior year, it felt like we needed to either make the move now or keep them at their current school until they graduate.  This is especially true since the high school where they had been attending is on trimesters and the district we were looking at transferring them into is on semesters.  Transferring during a school year becomes much more complicated when going between trimesters and semesters.  I am still confident that we are on the best path for the boys but it is still hard on the rest of the family.  Balancing the needs of 4 children in a blended family is challenging. Sometimes I feel like working full time and managing the needs of my family and doing well at both is impossible.  The new townhouse is more expensive than our current mortgage though since we are moving to an area with a higher cost of living so I will likely still need to work full time.  It is really difficult to balance.  Thankfully, I have running.  It is really a fantastic way for me to focus my nervous energy and clear my head.  I ran a quick mile yesterday morning before hitting the road to get the boys’ their schedules at their new school.  This morning I ran 2 miles around the new neighborhood and it was lovely.  It is a really nice, quiet area and just about a mile from both of my sisters.  I think it will be hard for me to go back to my mostly empty house tomorrow and pour myself into the new school year as my older boys and husband start this new adventure without me.  To cope, I will run.


I woke up early today with a lot on my mind. I got some work done and then ran a mile because I wasn’t sure what to expect from cross country practice. We ended up running 2 easy miles with the only student that could make it to practice. We should have a few more tomorrow. It was good to run our usual after school route with Mr. B again and have a young runner to mentor while we did it! I felt like I was riding a roller coaster of emotions today as I’m realizing I won’t finish out the year since we are moving my older boys to a different school. I will miss some of these students!!

Busy, busy

I go back to work tomorrow. I’m not ready. We are considering moving our older boys to a different school to give them an opportunity to expand their horizons as far as friends go. It’s super last minute and feels very overwhelming and stressful. I do think it’s the best decision for them though. The next week is going to be insanely busy. Yesterday I ran 2.5 and walked a half mile to wake up. Today I was exhausted from trying to make this school decision for my boys so I just ran a mile. I’m going to bed with a headache tonight but I’m sure sitting in back to school teacher meetings tomorrow will make it all better!


Yesterday I ran 3 easy miles although they didn’t feel very easy.  My legs were tired, my mind was tired, and it was hot.  The scenery was still incredible but I didn’t enjoy the run overall.  Today I decided to take a “rest” day and just jog an easy mile.  My youngest asked if he could join me. He has jogged with me several times before and I know he can run a mile so I agreed.  I was out of floss so I was going to make it a destination run to the little trading post down the road to get floss.  We got about 20 feet from the neighborhood and he said, “I need to walk.”  I was thinking that he would recover quickly and we would be back to jogging in no time.  The second jogging stretch lasted about as long.  By the third one, he was flailing his arms and stumbling around dramatically.  It was fun. *sarcasm font*  We made it to the trading post and I was relieved to be in air conditioning with out him complaining for 5 minutes.  It turns out that he wanted to buy everything in the trading post.  He didn’t find it significant that I had only brought $5 to buy floss for $3.88.  That was also fun. *sarcasm font again* I didn’t even push him to run on the way home.  I just wanted to get him back to the beach house without swearing under my breath again because he is very quick to remind me that I’m not supposed to say those words, which adds to the fun. *sarcasm font part 3* After I dropped him off in front of a show at the beach house, I finished my run about an hour after I had intended to start my run.  It was really hot.  It was a bummer of a run. When I got back, I did get to stretch on the porch and chat with my family though so there was a bit of a silver lining to my whole rest day attempt.  In other news, yesterday was the end of my most recent round of Whole30.  I don’t plan on taking measurements because I don’t have my original measurements but I do plan on doing another round when we get back.  I will try to be more intentional about my saving my measurements in 2 locations for that round.  I know I’m not quite where I want to be yet with my weight so that is why I want to do another round.  Also, the start of school is stressful for me so I think having a plan for my food consumption will help keep me on track.  I’m a stress eater for sure.  However, my first order of business between now and the start of my next round will be sharing a bottle of red wine with my sisters!

Another day in paradise

Today I ran to the little park that I scoped out yesterday and did my legs and back workout.  I really didn’t enjoy the run to the park.  I felt sluggish and probably should have walked a bit to warm up first.  However, the legs and back workout went well.  The jog back felt better than the jog there.  I ran a little over 2 miles total.  This morning’s adventure with my son took us to Cactus Park where we collected literally 100s of cicada skins.  I have loved collecting the skins since I was little and just realized last year that they have cicadas in Arizona.  The rains earlier this week must have encouraged the larva to emerge from the ground because some of the trees were just covered in skins.  It. was. awesome.  Here is a picture of my boy making his mama proud!


Short run and short hike

I was out late last night taking my older boys to an open mic night so I tried to sleep in a little bit today.  I ran a little over 2.25 miles this morning and scoped out a park that I was hoping to use for pull-ups with my legs and back workout tomorrow.  It looks like it will work perfectly!  My youngest son was really hoping to go on a hike with mom after his brother’s hike with me the other day so we decided to do that this morning after dropping off my husband at work.  He really wanted to climb a mountain so we went part way up Piestewa Peak.  He wanted to go farther than we did but I didn’t want it to turn into a negative experience for him so I decided to call it earlier than was necessary.  He had a great time so I’m glad we turned around when we did.  It was about 92 degrees by the time we got to the bottom and the sun was getting intense.  He wanted to wear his new “sun” hat on the hike but I think he learned quickly that this hat isn’t really too great in the sun.  He sure does look cute in it though.0726170808

Utter sh*t

I was completely exhausted by the end of the day as I had predicted. I decided to walk a mile and jog a mile instead of a hard workout. I definitely made the right decision. My heart rate was higher than usual and my pace was slow but felt hard. The run was utter sh*t. This is where I generally start down a slippery slope. My thoughts tend to jump to: “I’m so out of shape. I’m really overweight. I just haven’t been running far enough lately .” On and on and on. Obviously, none of that is true from one bad run. I have really struggled so far this summer to make myself a priority. With 4 children, it’s incredibly easy to find myself in 5th place on the priority list. This past week was an exception because of driving my boys to camp an hour away every day. I tried to make the most of it and they really had a great time so I don’t think I would go back and change it if I could. However, yes, my fitness has taken a backseat temporarily. I will need to be purposeful about resetting my priorities this week but I will also have to battle the negative thoughts that will plague me while I’m down. I generally keep a thankfulness journal and write down what I’m thankful for every morning. That was another casualty of this week. I think that will be a good place to start for getting back on track mentally. I know I need to get back on track mentally and emotionally before I can expect much out of myself physically. Everything comes back to kindness.