Parenting teenagers is hazardous to my health

Last night one of my older boys left with a friend and didn’t contact me when he said he would so I woke up in a panic around 1am. He missed my call and several texts so I was wide awake by the time he got back to me around 2am. Also, my daughter started detasseling today and wanted me to wake her up at 4am. I had dishes to do so I just decided to stay up. I went back to bed at 5 and got up again at 7:45. I’m tired. I decided to do the recovery run that I didn’t get a chance to do yesterday because of the storms. I walked a half mile to the cemetery, jogged a mile around the cemetery, and walked the half mile home. The heat index was 100 degrees by the time I was able to get out the door. At least I felt like I was in solidarity with my daughter walking the corn fields. I’m ready for a solid night of sleep tonight. Well, until 4am rolls around anyway. And my boys are not aloud to leave tonight. I really am proud of my daughter for going back for a second day of detasseling though. She doesn’t tolerate heat well so today was really rough for her. In Whole30 news, today has gone pretty well. I had my usual smoothie for breakfast, a banana with cashew butter and unsweetened chocolate as a snack, sautéed greens, mushrooms, and onions with eggs for lunch, and I had potatoes from the garden for dinner with broccoli and leftover meat sauce from last night. After dinner yesterday, I was faced with a food challenge because we took my older boys to an open mic night at a local pub and they both ordered fries. They looked and smelled so good. I love French fries. I resisted them but it really took significant effort. I consider that a major victory though!

Being chased by the storm

This morning I checked the weather and it said thunderstorms were expected for our area starting at 8:15am. I had to leave at 8:30 for a professional development presentation so I knew I would be back before 8:15. As soon as I left the house, I heard thunder. I decided to trust the weather app and took off. I planned to walk to the cemetery, run a mile, and walk the half mile back. When I heard the second rumble of thunder, I decided to jog first so I could make sure to get my mile done before the storm hit. By the time I got to the back of the cemetery, the sky looked like this:IMG_0574

I promptly decided to cut my loop around the cemetery short and head straight home. By the time I got to the top of the hill you see in the picture above, the sky looked like this:IMG_0573

I realize that this pic is blurry but I stopped running long enough to turn around and snap this before taking off toward safety. It started sprinkling shortly after I took this pic. The wind really picked up halfway home and then rain started coming down in sheets when I was about a block from our house. I really didn’t get to do any walking, which was a bit of a bummer since yesterday was such a taxing workout. In Whole30 news, I was super grumpy all day yesterday and went to bed at 8pm with my youngest. The storms had woken me up early yesterday so that was part of it but I also wanted to drown my grumps in some potato chips. I used all of my reserves to stay out of the kids’ chip drawer so I just went to bed. Today has been better but I also spent the whole day out of the house, which was a nice change of pace. The PD provided pizza and sofa for lunch. I found that disappointing. I took all of my own food anyway because I never expect to find Whole30 compliant food in a setting like that but I was still surprised by how unhealthy everything they provided was. I did get a comment about bringing my “heathy” food but I’m not as embarrassed about it as I used to be. The presenter also brought her own plant based food, which was good to see. She got a snarky comment about her healthy food too. I felt some solidarity with her. For dinner tonight, the family was having pasta and meat sauce so I grabbed some greens out of the garden and sautéed them up in place of noodles. It was quite delicious! The purple kale, red Swiss chard, and arugula made for a colorful combination. I was too hungry to stop for a pic! I’m hoping for a storm free run tomorrow.


Yesterday I did my first interval workout in a long time. Maybe even since last summer… That might explain my slower pace at my last 5k. It was a great workout though even if it was a little slower than I would like. It wasn’t too painful though and my heart rate recovered quickly during my recovery jogs. Today I did a half mile walk to the cemetery, without causing any accidents, and jogged a mile before walking the half mile home. I’m going to meet Mr. B for a longer run at a nearby lake tomorrow so I’m glad I took it easy today. In other news, I managed to burn my back pretty good while working in my garden the other day, which is a bummer because I’m usually pretty conscious of my sun exposure. I’ll leave you a picture of a portion of the freshly weeded and mulched garden instead of my intense burn lines!