I’ve been settling into our family’s routine in our new house at the start of another school year. Over the past year, we have had 2 homes for a total of about 10 months. Moving is exhausting, which we have done twice in the past year, and so is caring for 2 properties. We handed over the townhouse a little over a week ago and it’s been a huge relief. Our new house checks all of our boxes and is just a few blocks from both of my sisters. We plan on staying here for awhile. As I’ve had a bit more time on my hands, I’ve been getting the itch to run more. I spent my run Monday morning chewing on my next steps. Often, a runner wants to go faster and farther. As I age and continue a lengthy running streak, I am well aware that these goals are an either/or for me, not a both/and. I can achieve them both over time but only while focusing on one at a time. I have decided to focus on speed first. I have been running slowly for a couple of years now since reading Primal Endurance and that slow pace has increased over time without much effort but I’m ready to put in more effort now. I pushed my pace on several runs this week and it felt great. I plan to spend a few weeks focusing on pace and then have an easy week before taking a few weeks to build distance. I will reassess in a couple of months and set more goals then. I’m headed out for a trail run this morning and am really looking forward to the solitude. I’ve run 1-2 miles every day this week and also added in pull-ups, dips, and a flip to a couple runs, yoga one day, and hip hop dance class another. It feels great to have more time and energy to invest into my exercise routine again. Motivation and discipline are rarely my issues. However, I’m not always inspired. It takes a lot to pull me out of the day to day routine and concerns of my family. However, my sister shared the video for the Oiselle brand relaunch and it is enough to pull me out of my own head. It’s truly inspirational. Have a look and see for yourself. If you are a female athlete or care about someone that is a female athlete, this video will be worth your time. This is a fantastic company committed to some amazing causes. They are inspirational. It’s a good week for me to have this video take my increased motivation and give it a kick of inspiration.

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