Technical difficulties

I’m still here and I’m still streaking!! My phone recently died and I started a new plan with a new provider so I had to get a new number. You might be surprised at the far reaching implications of this change. I continue to be surprised almost daily. Being unable to use the number to recover forgotten passwords has been one of the casualties. I’m back up and running now though! I had to set aside time on vacation to make sure I had the mental and emotional energy to tackle the task of password recovery. I’m in Florida with my family at an amazing stretch of private beach on the panhandle. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cape San Blas, I highly recommend it. I’ve been coming to this area since I was in 5th grade and it has changed quite a bit in the last 25+ years. One of the fantastic changes is a bike/running/walking path along the one roadway that provides access to the cape. It’s over 8 miles long and provides a great alternative when the beach conditions aren’t optimal for running. Since I’ve been here, I have had 2 runs on the beach and 2 runs on the trail. On my first day running on the beach, I ran into my uncle and cousin. They were also out for a run and I joined them. It was a fantastic surprise. They are staying about 1.5 miles down the beach from where we are staying and cell coverage is spotty so it was great to happen to be running on the same stretch of beach at the same time. My other beach run was not quite as enjoyable. I ran a mile down the beach only to turn around into a terribly strong wind. It was a slow return mile for sure. The path has been a great alternative when I need a break from the variable conditions of beach running. I also have had to spend a considerable amount of time stretching. Long car rides tend to irritate my lower back and running on the sand has compounded the issue. Yesterday and today have been quite rainy but I’ve been able to get out between storms. The first few days here the water was calm and crystal clear. It was absolutely gorgeous.


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