A taste of spring and the return of winter

This weekend was busy! The weather was also rather unpleasant. However, last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday gave us our first real taste of spring. I really enjoyed going out without layers of clothing. I ran a mile before work on Wednesday and then ran during an afternoon break on Thursday. I was certainly not prepared for the heat on that run! It was 82 degrees and sunny. Luckily I had shorts and a tank top underneath my work clothes but I really should have taken water. I ran on our local trail and ran past the half mile mark so I could visit a water fountain. I was super disappointed to find that it was still off for cold weather. I was sweating a ton by the time I got back to work and it took awhile for the sweating to subside. I think afternoon runs at work will be off limits on hot days. On Friday, I jogged while my son rode his bike to the park about a mile from our house. It was crazy windy and he had a hard time peddling into the wind but the trip back home was certainly easier. I got 2.5 miles in but I did get a break while my son played at the park. It was a good run though. I ran on the treadmill at the gym Saturday and only ran a mile and yesterday I ran on the indoor track while my youngest played basketball and my daughter swam in the pool. It snowed overnight last night and is back in the 20s. I have no interest in running in the snow again. I might end up at the gym after work. Maybe spring will stick the next time it visits.

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