I’m still here!

I had a bit of an internet hiatus while I was working on our old house. It was actually quite lovely! I got a ton of work done and quite a bit of quality time with the kids too. I got to run through my old stomping grounds at the cemetery. I ran 2 miles one day, 1.5 miles another, and 1 mile every other day. Oddly enough, I managed to run into a fellow streaker while I was in my hometown! I was running laps around the local park while my youngest played basketball and his son joined my son on the court. He asked how far I ran and I mentioned that I only ran a mile but I make it a point to run a minimum of a mile every day. He mentioned that his wife has done the same for over a year now and he has joined her since the new year. I was so surprised to happen across another streaker and to have it be someone from my hometown. It was really encouraging and motivating. Then, on Easter, we got another snowstorm. I worked on the house and then drove a couple of hours to meet my family for our Easter dinner. By the time we drove home, it was snowing. It accumulated disappointingly quickly.


I needed to run when we got home from dinner so I ran in the snow. I really hope it was my last run in the snow for this spring. I think I’ve wished that before already though. I’m going to keep hoping for warmth and sunshine until it’s here consistently. On Monday, I ran at the gym while my youngest played basketball. Yesterday, I ran on the treadmill at the gym with my husband. It was the first time I’ve run with him in months. It was nice to have conversation to get my mind off of my exhaustion. I really prefer to run in the morning but sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow for me to get my run done before work. Today, I took a break at work to run. It was chilly outside but it was good to get some fresh air and natural light. I also appreciated having my run done so I didn’t have to run after work again. Tomorrow looks like it will be busy again but warmer. I might try to run on another break at work. Keeping the streak alive!

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