Not today

Every day this week, I have assessed, “Is today the day I run farther?” Not today. My cold has really lingered. I’ve been awake at night coughing. One night I woke up feeling like I had swallowed glass. Last night, my chest felt constricted. It’s been a huge bummer. However, I’ve still been able to run my mile every day. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside. I ran over my lunch break and I wanted to keep running so bad but I knew I would pay for it later so I stopped myself just after 1.25 miles. My heart rate was more elevated than usual so I’m glad I didn’t push it but I walked a bit farther to enjoy the sunshine. On Wednesday, I ran at sunrise and it was absolutely stunning.


It reminded me of the early morning runs I used to take before school with my running buddy. I miss him. The beginning of the run felt amazing. I thought maybe it was the day to run farther. As I passed the half mile mark, I realized, “Not today.” I know I will get back to where I was before I injured my knee once I start feeling better but waiting has never been my forte. Until then, I will do what I can to enjoy my 1 mile runs.


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