Not broken!!!

I finally went to the doctor on Thursday. In the best stroke of serindipity, the doctor at prompt care happened to be a runner! He was so understanding of my desire to keep running through the injury and supportive of my fear around causing long term damage. He took X-rays and they were clear, which was a huge relief. He also had me add a wrap for support. I hadn’t even considered a wrap because I imagined that compressing a bruise would be a bad idea but the wrap feels so good. He said to keep up with rest, ice, compression, and elevating when possible (r.i.c.e.). He did say it will likely continue to take longer to heal if I’m running but that a slow mile is probably the best approach if I’m going to choose to run. He said that the numbness at the main sight of impact may continue but that running isn’t likely causing any permanent damage. So, I have continued with my daily slow miles and the streak continues!

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