Exercising more but blogging less

You win some and you lose some. Lately, my blog has been losing. However, I have literally been winning. Yesterday, I pulled into first place in my gym’s workout challenge. It honestly feels great to see my name at the top of the list. I don’t think the winners of the challenge get any unique prize or recognition but I’ve loved the additional motivation it’s given me. I’m regularly working out 3 times a day and have gotten in better shape because of it. I haven’t been running much farther than I was but I’ve added in more weight training and yoga. I feel more balanced overall. Last Wednesday, I ran a new route around my neighborhood where I loop around the lake, which is my usual 1 mile route, but then I follow all of the roads as well, which adds another mile. This route is great while there is snow because I can run on the plowed streets for the majority of the run but then take the grass path around the lake for the last stretch before I head home to get off road a bit but head straight home once the snow is in my shoes. I have found it to be the best of both worlds. I’ve also still been running to work so that adds an extra 2/3 of a mile on weekdays. I haven’t decided if that will continue once the workout challenge is over. Time will tell I guess. The challenge ends on Thursday. Last Thursday, I ran a quick mile on the treadmill at the gym because I had a busy day. That was the day I decided I really need new earbuds. I don’t enjoy listening to other people talk while I run and too often there are people working out together at the gym during busier times. I’m happy for them but have no interest in hearing about how they cope with household chores or issues with their husbands. On Friday, I had another busy day scheduled so I ran a quick mile around the neighborhood before work. I work an earlier shift on Fridays so I usually have to run before the sun rises. However, the days are getting noticeably longer so I got to run as the sun was just beginning to provide enough light to see. I love running by first light. On Saturday, I drove my son to the gym but didn’t feel like running inside so I ran 2 miles from the gym. I tried a different route than last time and enjoyed it much more. I think there is still probably a better route out there though. Yesterday, it had snowed again so I ran my new neighborhood 2 mile route to stay mostly on the plowed streets. I thought about stopping for a picture because the lake was absolutely gorgeous, but my hands were way too cold. Maybe I can try to get that picture on my run today!

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