The air was sparkling

It snowed several inches last night and we had freezing fog this morning. Traveling this morning was a nightmare but it sure was beautiful outside. I took a walk with my husband after walking our youngest to school. It was quite cold but so pretty. As the sun started burning through the fog, the freezing fog looked like glitter suspended in the air. It was amazing. After our walk, I only had time to run a mile before work but my feet were starting to freeze anyway so I didn’t complain about the short run today. Yesterday, I ran 2 miles around the neighborhood and then did some yoga before heading to work. I haven’t done yoga, other than stretching, in quite awhile. I thoroughly enjoyed my sun salutations. On Sunday, I ran a quick mile at the gym before a family gathering. It was rushed and fairly unenjoyable but it kept the streak alive! I really wish I could have captured the sparkling air with my camera this morning but the frozen trees were easier to photograph.


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