I mentioned that I joined a workout challenge at my gym. I am slightly obsessed. It should be of no surprise that I can become fixated on a goal and pursue it relentlessly considering I have been streaking for more than 3 years now. Seeing my name toward the top of the leaderboard was great but watching it slip down as many participants logged more than one workout a day has been very motivating. Since we moved, I haven’t had as much time or energy to devote to exercise. This workout challenge has helped push me to find more time and get creative. I have started parking farther from where I work so I can jog to and from my job. I have added in a yoga session here and there. It’s been fantastically motivating to watch my name creep up the leaderboard. I’m currently tied for 4th place. I’m hoping to find time for 2 workouts today so I can keep my position. On Friday, I had to come home for lunch so I logged an entire mile running to and from my car. I didn’t want to count that mile toward my streak so I also went to the gym and logged another 1.5 miles on the indoor track while my daughter used the elliptical and one of my sons shot baskets. Yesterday, I logged a yoga session and a mile run at the indoor track at the gym while my son played more basketball. I’m actually sore from all of my extra workouts this week so I needed a lighter day. I’m enjoying the added motivation that this workout challenge has brought and it’s great to see the benefits of that extra motivation!

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