Frozen trails

Since I have tomorrow off from work, I wanted to take some extra time for a long run this weekend. Yesterday didn’t work out because my youngest wanted to shoot baskets while I ran so I went to the gym and ran on the indoor track. He wasn’t enjoying his time playing basketball so I only got to run 2 miles before I gave up for the sake of everyone at the gym. Tonight, another snow storm is raging so figured today was the best chance to get out and enjoy a longer run. I decided to head to a local lake with fantastic trails. I haven’t been on those trails since before we moved to the area. I actually think the last time I was there was when my sister broke her foot. It was a really unfortunate circumstance that had quite a fantastic outcome. Today, the trails were fairly quiet, a little chilly, but also quite lovely.


I ran 3 miles total and hiked 3 more. I got a little turned around and hiked farther than I expected but I really enjoyed the experience overall. I even got to enjoy a little green among the drab Illinois winter landscape.


I’m sure the trails would be even more beautiful covered in snow but I wouldn’t trust my footing enough to run out there in the snow. Frozen dirt is the best possible running surface for Illinois trails at this time of year.

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