Expect the unexpected

On Wednesday night, one of my older boys said he wanted to get up early to go to the gym before school. I was pleasantly surprised! I decided that I would go with him and we planned on getting up at 6. When I woke him up, he had changed his mind. Since I was already up, I decided to run from home since it was quite warm for January. I was actually really warm on the run! It was 55 degrees before sunrise. It was a winter time miracle. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2.5 miles around the neighborhood. I did 2 sets of pull-ups, a set of dips, and a flip at the local elementary school while I was out. It was a great pre-work workout. Since I had woken up early yesterday, my body woke up early again today. I had no interesting in running in weather 50 degrees colder than the day before so I went to the gym. I ran 1.5 miles and enjoyed the time at the gym more than I have recently. It wasn’t very busy and I remembered to wear my hat, which keeps the ridiculously bright lights out of my eyes. I’m in 7th place in the gym’s workout challenge and it’s actually been an extra level of motivation for me, which I appreciate. I’m enjoying being a part of  a group challenge more than I had expected.

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