One foot in front of the other

On Monday, I went to the gym right after work to run a quick mile before going to an appointment for my older son. It felt super rushed but I wouldn’t have wanted to go back out after dinner so it was the best option. Yesterday, I had a little more time so I ran around the neighborhood after work. It was colder out than I had expected and my sweat froze on my shirt. I did get a chance to do 2 sets  of pull-ups, dips, and flips. I ran about 3 miles and it was a great workout. Today was more stressful all around and I needed to run after dinner. I’m naturally more of a morning person so sometimes late night runs feel more stressful to me. The gym felt too bright, too busy, and too loud. I managed to run 1.5 miles before calling it a night. Next week, I return to my later start for my work day so I will have more opportunities to run in the morning. I’m looking forward to that shift.

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