The best laid plans

On Friday, I considered trying to sneak in a run during the work day but decided against it and thought I would try to squeeze in a run between the end of work and driving our borrowed trailer back to our old town. However, an unexpected fire alarm changed everything. I work in the chemical storage room at a bigger university. We don’t take fire alarms lightly. Many explode-y chemicals make their homes in our workspace. I was quite happy to stay outside until the firefighters were certain we were ok to go back inside. It just happened to push back my departure from work. We had to leave town quickly and then pick up my daughter. Everything took longer than expected and we all still needed dinner. I really didn’t want to run in the dark/snow/below zero temps so my family agreed to wait to eat until after they dropped me off at the gym, which was really kind of them. It was 9:35pm and we usually eat dinner around 6. The gym closes at 10 though so my window was closing quickly. I was able to jog 1.5 miles while they drove through a fast food place to get dinner. Moving creates all sorts of opportunities for compromise. Food quality has sometimes been one of those compromises.  On Saturday, the temps soared to a toasty 11 degrees so I decided to run outside.  I took my usual route by the elementary school for some pull-ups, dips, and a flip but had to run through quite a bit of snow to get there. My layering helped keep the snow from getting to my ankles though and I had a really great 3 mile run. Today I went to the gym in the morning before the freezing rain started and ran 2 miles on the hamster wheel. I’m in 5th place in our local gym’s daily workout challenge, which has been fun. There are quite a few participants that have been working out multiple times a day but I’m happy with my daily running streak for now. It’s been good to have an added element of motivation to my streak though. If I had my treadmill at home still, I might throw a couple of split runs into the mix to up my workout total. I could still do that if the weather ever improves. Time will tell!

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