Nice surprise

My husband wanted to get us a hotel room in Chicago for our anniversary since we had to drive my daughter there on NYE anyway. I let him handle the plans since I was still traveling on our AZ trip. He mentioned on the way up that he had booked a bed and breakfast. At first, I was really concerned because I didn’t imagine they would have a treadmill available and we are under a windchill advisory. The air temperature was -7 when I got up this morning and the windchill was even lower. However, my husband booked us at Bishops Hall in Oak Park and the neighborhood was simply stunning. Luckily I had all of my cold weather running gear packed in my backpack because I really wanted to run through that historic area. I layered up and reveled in the silence and beauty of the area. It was a completely different experience from the warmth and immersion in nature from my runs in AZ but it was still a magical experience. I highly recommend the bed and breakfast for anyone looking for a Chicago retreat. It’s truely a gem. I was certainly pleasantly surprised.


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