3 years?!?

This morning I dragged my tired butt to the hotel fitness center only to find the only treadmill out of service. I have had this happen more than once and it’s incredibly frustrating. I spent a few minutes trying to reset the treadmill with no success. My husband works in IT and any time I come to him with a problem with a device, he asks me if I’ve tried a restart. It’s happened often enough that I stop asking him for help until after I’ve tried the restart. It honestly fixes about 50-75% of my tech problems. I have also learned over the years that he often googles his way through an unfamiliar problem so I try that before I ask him for help too. Just a little pro-tip there. Anyway, I unplugged the treadmill and waited a few seconds before plugging it back into the wall. It worked like a charm. The set up wasn’t great. There were 2 TVs on in the room without sound but they were both at awkward angles to watch. Especially when trying to read subtitles. Essentially, I stared at some really awful wallpaper for about 15 minutes. I texted my husband while I walked for my warmup to let him know I overslept and we were getting a later start than I had wanted. He replied with a congrats on my 3 year streak-iversary. I had completely forgotten! It was really unexciting compared to my runs of the past week in AZ but it was certainly reflective of my journey of the past 3 years. I never know what I’m going face when I head out for a given run but I’ve learned to overcome all sorts of obstacles and push through many boring or uncomfortable runs. It’s all been worth it. I love my streak and look forward to starting my 4th year tomorrow. Something else my husband’s text reminded me was that it’s not only my streak anniversary but also our wedding anniversary. I was completely oblivious. I hadn’t even thought about what day it was today. He has been so supportive throughout this streak and I’m incredibly grateful for his support and encouragement over these past few years. He’s pretty great. Happy anniversary ❤️

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