Still streaking

Life has been busy. On Thursday, I got off wor early, which was so awesome. I needed to get our cars serviced so I dropped one by the dealership and ran home to get the second. It was a little over 1.5 miles but it was cold and it was enough. I haven’t done a destination run in awhile and it was a nice change of pace. On Friday, I went to the gym with the indoor track with my husband and youngest son. My husband and I ran while my youngest played basketball. We all had a great time. I ran 2 miles on the indoor track. On Saturday, we went to the old house to get another load of stuff. We should only have one more trip left after that one, which is good. We are ready to be done. I ran a quick mile from the house in the dark, which wasn’t fun. I wasn’t used to the route and footing so I felt uncomfortable but I was glad to get a chance to run. We got snow yesterday and I went to the gym with the indoor track again. I ran 3 miles just before they closed, which was nice because it was completely empty. Today I left on a trip with 2 of my older kids and I ran outside before we left. It was a little slippery but the gym was closed for Christmas so it was my only option.  I ran 2 miles around he neighborhood and visited the elementary school for some pull-ups, dips, and a flip. We are at a hotel in Oklahoma tonight and I have my alarm set for 6:15 so I can run on the treadmill before we head back out on the road. I’ll be running in the sun in Arizona soon!

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