Can’t stop, won’t stop

I really don’t know if this title is about the busyness of my life or my running streak. Both, I guess. Yesterday, I had to leave work early to take my son to a doctor appointment. I had a few minutes to run a mile before picking up my youngest from his martial arts class. I was planning on picking my daughter up some dinner before driving 1.5 hours to go to her band concert. However, the martial arts class ran over and I ended up a total ball of stress trying to leave town on time. I ended up attending the concert in my running clothes. Not my favorite but at least I was able to get her dinner there on time. Today I was completely exhausted from an excessively busy Monday and Tuesday. I still got out to run in the dark after work. The winds were the kind of gusty that blow your legs off of their trajectory when you pick them up. Luckily, it wasn’t too cold yet though. I wouldn’t say it was pleasant but it certainly could have been worse. I ran 2 miles around the neighborhood with my headlamp. I stopped by the elementary school for a few pull-ups, dips, and a flip and then jogged around the lake. It was peaceful other than the aggressive wind. I’m hoping the next couple of days are less busy.

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