Late evening run

I was really hoping to hit the gym today for my run. I hadn’t had a chance to go before dinner so I checked their hours on the way home and realized they closed in 20 minutes. I knew there was no chance that I could make it home in time to get my shorts and make it to the gym for a mile. I was super bummed. A late day run in the dark, 20 degree weather was not on my list of things I wanted to do today. My son actually had a really rough night last night. He had a fight with his girlfriend and he was pretty distraught. I was up with him until 2am and I was exhausted all day. This was just icing on an already crappy cake. I bundled up anyway and headed out into the darkness. I stopped by the neighborhood elementary school to do some pull-ups, dips, and a flip, then ran 2 miles. It really wasn’t too bad. My anxiety was a little higher than usual but really the run was better than I had expected. I was def ready for it to be over when I got home but I’m proud of myself for making it out even though I would have rather stayed home. While I was on my run, I was trying to remember yesterday’s run because I knew I hadn’t blogged about that run yet. I couldn’t remember it at all. I even started worrying for a minute that maybe I had forgotten to run. I convinced myself to relax by reminding myself that my Garmin would give me the details of yesterday’s run so I could check that when I got home. My Garmin reminded me that I ran at 6:17 yesterday morning and I ran a mile around the neighborhood to the north. It was also kind enough to mention that it had been 14 degrees with 11mph winds from the southeast. I might have actually mentally blocked out that run.

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