Enjoying the winter chill

Yesterday, I ran a mile in the morning before anyone else in the house woke up. I had planned on going to the gym but I woke up too late. I decided to grab my headlamp and brave the chilly air. It was quite windy after the front passed through overnight. On one stretch of sidewalk between 2 houses, I was delighted by the thought that I had my own wind tunnel. That struck me as odd but I decided to ride the wave of joy instead of talking myself out of it. I really enjoyed the run. I did pull-ups, dips, and a flip behind the local elementary school too. Today I was able to run after dropping off my youngest at school. I still didn’t have as much time as I would have wanted but I was able to run 2 miles around the neighborhood just to our west. My hands got a little chilly but by the end of the run, I had worked up quite a sweat. I really do enjoy running in cold weather once I get over the initial shock of the cold air.

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