Yesterday, I got to run a mile outside with my husband after our youngest went to school. It was so nice out but I knew I needed to have a rest day so I only ran a mile and then took some time to stretch when I got home. Today I had to go to work a little earlier so I decided to hunt down batteries for the ol’ headlamp. I didn’t have much time so I knew I would only be able to run a mile if I went to the gym. The batteries didn’t take long to find and I was able to run 2 miles before I needed to get ready for work. The sun was just brightening the horizon as I reached my turn around point. It was quite picturesque as the first light reflected off of the neighborhood pond. I’m grateful when I get to have those moments of peace and reflection before starting a hectic day. I also stopped at the local elementary school for a few pull-ups, dips, and a flip around the monkey bar. It was a great start to the day. I’m glad I have my headlamp back in working order. I would much rather run outside in the morning when the weather isn’t too awful. In other news, my son has been significantly better since coming home from the hospital. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he has finally turned a corner.

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