Trotting turkeys

My daughter and I ran the local turkey trot this morning. It was our second 5k in 6 days. The weather was much nicer for this one. On the way to the run, my daughter was talking about wanting a turkey hat to wear for her next turkey trot. She was describing a hat that had a tall turkey neck with a head at the top that bobbed as she ran. Amazingly, there were numerous of this exact hat at the race. It was so fun seeing all of the costumes. Some people had turkey hats that looked like living turkeys, some had hats that looked like cooked turkeys, some people dressed as a life size turkeys, there were pilgrims, and there was even a chef. It was a really festive, lighthearted crowd. I ran with my daughter and we finished in under 30 minutes. I feel like I’m enjoying racing more now that I know I’m not going to get a PR or place in my age group. I’m curious to see if I can maintain the enjoyment I’m feeling during racing now as I improve my pace. My daughter wants to sign up for more races to keep herself motivated to stay in shape since she opted out of playing a winter sport this year. I am really enjoying racing together so I see many fun races in our future. She saw a flyer today for an ugly sweater run next month. Sounds like a good time!

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