Keeping it real

Today was crazy busy. After 4.5 hours of sleep last night, we drove to the old house to get it ready to list. Everything seems to take longer than we intend it to with that house. We didn’t even stop to eat until 3:30pm. The house looks great though so I guess the goal was achieved. Well, people are going to be rather surprised when they open the closets. We cut a few corners to get it picture ready. We will have to clean out the closets later. After “lunch”, we had to drop of the hamster wheel at Mr. B’s, take a load of junk to Goodwill, and return the trailer to our realtor. We finally got home around 7pm and I still needed to run. I helped my older boys cook up some food and got to the gym around 7:50pm. I planned on running a slow mile because I was exhausted. As I removed my long sleeve shirt, I realized that I hadn’t applied deodorant all day. It was noticeable. In addition, I had on the exact same running outfit as yesterday. Sometimes I keep the same running clothes 2 days in a row and just let them hang dry between runs. However, I never had the chance to take yesterday’s running clothes off. I slept in them, I pulled sweats on over them today and I wore them again tonight. Deodorant would have been a fine addition to the scenario. Oh well. It is what it is. I’m not likely making any friends at my new gym though. The slow mile was certainly about all I could handle. I’m glad the streak continues though. I start my new job tomorrow. I want to run before I go into work to calm my nerves. I’m hoping I get a good night of sleep tonight.

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