Deep breaths

The last 2 days were exhausting. I think I’m in a physical and emotional deficit that spans 16 years. I love my children more than anything but they really do take a lot of my physical and emotional energy. That being said, I’m just not in a place where a 12 hour work day feels realistic. I am appreciative of the compensatory day off today but I spent it running from appointment to appointment for one of my kiddos. I’m tired. I’m contemplating a digital detox camping trip with my older boys between Christmas and New Years to take some time to recharge. I will keep you all posted. Between work and parent teacher conferences yesterday, I ran 2 slow miles with our newer crew. Halfway through the run, one of my girls pointed out that it was our last practice. Tomorrow is regionals and we have 2 team members that have a chance of making it to sectionals but our newbies know it is their last race of the season. I have loved the season and the opportunity to coach these kids but I’m also ready to be done. I move in 3 weeks. I have much to do. It’s time to shift my focus. I will look back on this time fondly but I will not spend much time mourning the end. Today was a beautiful day weather-wise but I had my 2nd grader with me so I ran at the gym to take advantage of their child care room. I ran 3 slow miles but really enjoyed the quiet and time for contemplation even though I was trapped indoors on the hamster wheel. We walked to a park afterward so he could have some time to play so I did get to enjoy the weather. I’m feeling really worn down tonight. I will likely head to bed soon with a meditation. Deep breaths.

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