Legit tempo run

My resting heart rate was about 13 bpm lower yesterday morning so I saw that as permission to push my run. We have 3 faster, more experienced cross country runners and 3 newer, less experienced runners. It gives the team a good balance. Generally, Mr. B takes the faster crew for practice and I take the slower crew. Yesterday, our newer runners had some outside commitments so they were on their own for their workouts. One of our experienced crew always does his workouts on his own and another one of that crew was gone for a choir field trip to Chicago. Mr. B was busy wrapping up some teaching obligations and the  squirrel, as I affectionately call him, wanted to run off campus. I volunteered to follow him because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. I was able to stay with him the first mile, which has the most precarious stretch of road. Once we got to the cemetery, I let him take his own pace while I recovered from that first mile. I thought I would take a shorter loop and join up with him on his way out. I miscalculated his route and ended up chasing him the rest of the way back to the school. I was able to keep him in sight up until the last 2 blocks but, whew, that was quite a workout! I spent a couple of laps on the track recovering slowly with one of the newer girls that was wrapping up her workout. She really picked up the pace on the last lap. The kids gave me quite a workout! I made it 3.3 miles with only about a half mile of that below tempo run pace for me. I had parent teacher conferences after practice. Hind sight being 20/20, I probably should have packed a change of undergarments and my shower wipes. However, no one complained about the smell in my room and I almost made it through the evening without getting hypothermia as my inner layers cooled. I’ll make tonight a recovery run and do a better job packing for the last night of conferences.

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