Better than expected

Today was impressively cold and windy. I was dreading running outside. I planned on going to the gym to run on the treadmill but I changed my mind at the last minute. My heart rate was elevated and I slept horribly so I knew my long run was out of the question. I decided to just run a mile and to run from home to save some time. The cooler temps really kept my heart rate lower than I expected and the wind wasn’t slowing me down too much. I ran a half mile, stopped for some pull-ups and dips, and decided to keep going. I ran 1.5 miles into the 25 mph wind before I decided to turn around. The return trip was much more enjoyable with the wind at my back. I stopped for another set of pull-ups and dips as well as a flip before heading home. The playground was soaked from the storms that went through overnight and I had fun trying to avoid the puddles in the wood chips. The 3 mile run was a pleasant surprise. I’m glad I decided to run outside instead of inside!

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