Peaceful long run

Life has been busy lately. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I often feel pulled in multiple directions at once and I’m not feeling overly successful in any of my roles currently. I know it’s a temporary situation but it that fact isn’t going to make the next 4.5 weeks any easier. I was planning on running with my sister this morning but she came down with a stomach bug. I was bummed at first and wasn’t sure I was up for a solo long run. I’ve really enjoyed the distraction of our conversations during my last couple of higher mileage runs. I rested yesterday by only running a mile and having a lower number of steps overall. I got decent sleep last night. My resting heart rate indicated that I was ready for a more difficult workout. I woke up to thick fog and cool temperatures. I just needed to get out the door. It was really a great run. I got some time to process some heavy things that have been weighing on my mind. I also got to enjoy the mist hanging on every spiderweb. It was magical. I made it 7 miles total and ran miles 5 and 6 pretty hard. It felt good to push myself. I am looking forward to getting to run with my sister again soon though.


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