Almost the end

Today was dangerously close to the end. Yesterday, I had to drive to our new town to take one of my boys to a doctor’s appointment. I planned on driving back last night but one of my boys was having a down night and I just couldn’t leave while he was feeling that way. I struggled to fall asleep though and woke up at 3:40 with too much on my mind. I had to leave at 5:40am to get to work on time. I was really tired on the drive. I’m certain 4 hours was not enough sleep. I worked all day and then had to pick my youngest up from school early for a cross country meet. It lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r. My only hope for a run was the new tool set I got over the weekend to adjust the belt on the treadmill. BUT IT DIDN’T FIT!! I was freaking out. It was already dark and my youngest was watching his first show of the day. I felt stuck and out of options. Remember yesterday when I was prepared to let go of my streak? Apparently, I’m not that ready. I started tearing apart the 3 seasons room looking for the lost toolset that I used before to adjust the belt. I had zero luck. I decided to give the new tools one more shot before I raised the white flag. Thank the sweet, little, streaking baby Jesus, it fit!! I think the new tool had a layer of paint on it that kept it from fitting well. I just wiggled and jimmied until it fit. So, finally, after a 14 hour day of driving and working, I ran one mile on my wonky treadmill. Day 1001 done.

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