The 1000th day

I had a great run today. I ran alone through the cemetery near my house. I was able to reflect on my streak up to this point and look forward to the future. I’ve been so busy lately that I didn’t even mind the lack of fanfare. I ran three hot, sweaty miles. I reflected on the fact that running a mile a day initially felt significant. I reflected on the fact that during my streak I’ve won some hardware running 5ks. I reflected on the fact that I’ve slowed down since then but have found a pace at which I feel like I could maintain running daily indefinitely. I reflected on the fact that a 3 mile day feels average now. I reflected on the many disappointments, the many fears, and the many uncomfortable runs. After reflecting on some encouragement I received from my husband recently, I settled on the fact that it has been enough. My streak has been good enough, it has been long enough, and it has been hard enough. My streak is likely to continue but I tried to let go of the need for it to continue. It was the perfect 1000th run for me. Yesterday I stretched and ran an easy mile with my husband. It was great too. Running brings so much to my life and I will continue to do it as long as I feel that way about it more often than not. I will end this blog post with a link to my sister’s blog about recent events in the political and professional sports world. Linking to her blog on my 1000th day of my streak is fitting since she was the initial inspiration for my streak and she continues to inspire me by her commitment to her health, both mentally and physically. Well said, sister.

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