Finally, a good workout

Today was supposed to be ridiculously hot again but there was cloud cover all day, which kept the temps lower than predicted. Also, the breeze today actually felt somewhat refreshing. Yesterday, it felt like a hairdryer blowing in your face. We were back to our whole team minus one and everyone was in good spirits. We jogged to the cemetery and ran hill repeats. The pace there was great and the hill paces were even better. The pace back to school was a little slower but, after the hills, that was expected. I was so proud of the kids today! After practice, I drove to the next town over where my daughter was at her middle school cross country practice (our district is consolidated so the high school and middle school are in different towns). They were finishing up 400 repeats so I jumped in with them. I was 2.5 miles in from our practice and I had just sat in the car for 20 minutes. It probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had but it was fun! I beat a few of the middle school runners, which seemed to impress a couple of the boys. I would say it was cute but my daughter has told me to stop using that word. It was a great end to a fantastic day of running. We all needed a day like this.

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