Silly me

So, I figured out that my streak started on New Year’s Eve, thanks to my husband. He reminded me that my streak started on our anniversary. I clearly have too much going on right now. His patience with me deserves to be publicly commended. Thank you, hubby, for putting up with my scattered focus all of these years and for supporting my streak! All of this means that yesterday’s run was day 995 and I will celebrate day 1000 on Monday. I’m pretty pumped about this milestone. I’m also a little worried that another milestone won’t feel significant until day 2000. Maybe 1500? Time will tell I suppose. On Tuesday, Mr. B and I had several members of the cross country team out for various reasons and the 2 that were there for practice weren’t feeling 100%. So, we took the opportunity to have an easy practice and then we went for a 2 mile run. It has been awhile since we have been able to run together without the team. It was lovely other than the heat. We are having a late season heat wave here and it’s hotter than hades. It’s hotter now than it was in August and our newer runners are really struggling with feeling slower mid-season. I really hope it cools down before our next meet. Yesterday, I ran a slow 1.5 with one of the newbies and then Mr. B and I ran a half mile while the crew ran/walked their cool down. I’ll be glad when the weekend gets here and I can run in the morning instead of after school.

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