I’ve somehow completely lost track of my days in my streak. Part of my intention of this blog was to keep better track of my number of days. I *think* I might be on day 993. I suddenly can’t remember if I started the day before New Year’s in 2014 or the day before New Year’s Eve. Maybe I just need sleep. Either way, I’m dangerously close to a major milestone in this streak. Eeeeeeek! It’s super exciting to think about celebrating day 1000 (if I ever figure out exactly which day that is anyway). Today I ran 2 miles with the new crew and tried to pace them at 13 minute miles but that wasn’t in the cards today. It was warm and Saturday seemed to leave some residual baggage. I’m hoping for cooler temps for the next meet because our kids could use some confidence at this point in the season. When we got back to campus, I ran a mile on my own at a quicker pace while the rest of the newer crew jogged or walked another mile, depending on how they were feeling. Now, I hope my start date comes to me in a dream tonight so I know which date to celebrate next week!

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