Potty emergency

I ran 5.5 today and stopped at 3 parks to do pull-ups. It was going great until I decided in my mind that I would use the restroom at the last park a little over a mile from our new place. I didn’t even need to go that bad but once I had settled on the pit stop in my mind, there was no going back. I just assumed the restrooms would be unlocked. They weren’t last weekend when I ran with my sister though. I wish I had remembered that earlier. I didn’t. I became distraught quickly. I texted my husband and he offered to pick me up, which is super nice of him but I really wasn’t ready to abandon the run. I decided to see if the little gym nearby would be kind enough to let me use their facilities. I knew it was a long shot. It’s a bit of an unusual request. However, I was desperate. The lady at the front desk hesitated. I was literally about to start begging or make promises about joining their gym. I was worried that if this also fell through that there was no way my husband would make it in time. I hope the universe sends this woman endless positive energy. She saved my day, my run, and my new shorts. I was able to head back out and finish my run in comfort. I hope she knows how much her kindness meant to me today.



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