Busy, busy

I’m a little behind on my blogging! On Thursday, I took our newer group of cross country kiddos out for a 20 minute “tempo” run. It didn’t go well. I pushed them on their first 10 minutes and the second 10 minutes were slow and full of complaints. I kept getting ahead and looping back to check on everyone. I really don’t think any of us had fun. Such is life. We all have good days and bad days. It was a bad day. I was jealous of Mr. B and his crew that ran a solid 4 miles. On Friday, we ran some strides with the kids since they had a meet on Saturday. Mr. B and I ran a mile together after the short practice. It was good to get a run in without the kids but I was super exhausted from the week and antsy to get on the road to see my boys. Yesterday, our kids had a meet. They all finished! I think everyone was proud of their results, which is really the best result I can imagine. I ran an easy mile at sunset after a full day with my older 3 kids. We had a great day together. This morning I’m meeting my sister for a longer run. It will be good to see her and have a run for myself that is the priority of my morning!!

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