Last person sprints

Yesterday at practice we did what is commonly called an “Indian run” but I really felt uncomfortable with the name. I did’t really know the origin of the term but I did some digging online and it sounds like it’s a reference to a type traditional of Native American dancing. The article I read suggested we call it “last man sprints”, which I’m deciding to change to last person sprints. Regardless of the title, we had a great time! My daughter, who is in 8th grade, joined us since her middle school team had the night off. We ran 2 miles total and averaged a great pace for our newbies. We sang songs, did a few marching cadence calls (our steps were way off from each other so that one wasn’t working as well), and just generally had fun. I love being able to help these kids have positive running experiences. Isn’t this what all coaches should be helping their athletes do at some level? Reminding the athletes why they love their sport and how to enjoy life while they improve their skills. That practice will go down in my memory as a highlight for sure. This morning I took some time to stretch up the wall and then ran an easy 3 miles. I did a few pull-ups at the elementary school on my way out and back. It was a great run!

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