Life is interesting

Today I got up early to run on my treadmill since we had our first cross country meet tonight. I forgot that the belt had gotten off kilter yesterday when I ran. I have one hex key in the house that can adjust that belt. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I found 3 sets that had a key too small and a key too large. It was so frustrating. I had no idea when I would be able to run. I even set a reminder in my phone so I wouldn’t forget to run after the meet. Two of our girls didn’t finish the race tonight and it was hard to see their disappointment in themselves. They are newer to running and will take some time to build up to 3 miles of continuous running. There are often other struggling runners at meets but today there weren’t as many. I hope they persevere. I realized on my way to the meet that I was almost half way to the town where my older boys are now living with my husband. I decided an impromptu visit was in order. I got to catch up with my boys and my husband got to catch up with our youngest. I ran a quick mile just after sunset. It was a great evening but I might regret the decision by the end of the day tomorrow. It will certainly be another long day.

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