This morning I continued exploring the new neighborhood that I will live in on occasional weekends but that my husband and older boys will call home for now.  I jogged to the boys’ school again to make sure my distance estimates were correct from yesterday.  I was pretty close.  Then, I jogged to the park behind the nearby elementary school to do some pull-ups.  After that, I jogged toward the neighborhood where my sisters live to see if I could find a path between our neighborhood and theirs without too much traffic.  I did find a path but it was less direct than I had hoped.  I do think the longer, less busy path will be great on bikes though.  I am really excited to be so close to my family.  Soon.  But, for today, I ran a little over 4 miles.  I also got to take my boys clothes shopping before I left town.  It was a gift.  They won’t always want me or need me there for these moments.  Before I left, one of my boys said with a bit of sadness, “Oh ya, you’re leaving.”, which somehow simultaneously made my heart happy and sad.  I didn’t want to go.  I do need to be back here to support my daughter, fulfill my commitment to my teaching job, and get our house ready to list on the market.  But, none of that makes it easy.  I won’t get to see my daughter until Thursday and the house seems too big and too lonely.  I’m glad I have my youngest boy here with me although he is struggling to make sense of all of the changes too.  Life is rarely simple or easy.  In other news, I really hope it isn’t cloudy tomorrow.  There is a lot of hype around this eclipse and as a science teacher, it has the potential to make my day.  We have our first cross country meet tomorrow too.  I also hope I remember to run at some point.  It is going to be a really busy day.

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