My head is spinning

I took yesterday off from work to get my older boys registered at their new school.  My husband got set up with a townhouse in the district where we decided to send them on Thursday.  It has been a whirlwind.  My husband works remotely so he can stay with them in the townhouse while I teach the first term at my school and get the house ready to put on the market.  This is a move we had considered making before now since both our families live in a town about 90 miles away and we drive back and forth quite a bit.  Since the boys are entering their junior year, it felt like we needed to either make the move now or keep them at their current school until they graduate.  This is especially true since the high school where they had been attending is on trimesters and the district we were looking at transferring them into is on semesters.  Transferring during a school year becomes much more complicated when going between trimesters and semesters.  I am still confident that we are on the best path for the boys but it is still hard on the rest of the family.  Balancing the needs of 4 children in a blended family is challenging. Sometimes I feel like working full time and managing the needs of my family and doing well at both is impossible.  The new townhouse is more expensive than our current mortgage though since we are moving to an area with a higher cost of living so I will likely still need to work full time.  It is really difficult to balance.  Thankfully, I have running.  It is really a fantastic way for me to focus my nervous energy and clear my head.  I ran a quick mile yesterday morning before hitting the road to get the boys’ their schedules at their new school.  This morning I ran 2 miles around the new neighborhood and it was lovely.  It is a really nice, quiet area and just about a mile from both of my sisters.  I think it will be hard for me to go back to my mostly empty house tomorrow and pour myself into the new school year as my older boys and husband start this new adventure without me.  To cope, I will run.

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