Back to reality

We got home Saturday night around 8:45. I got a few things unloaded, changed into running clothes, and then checked on the garden before heading out for a mile. I really don’t like running in the dark. I realized quickly that I need to replace the batteries in my headlamp. I was thankful I was on familiar streets and the temperature was blessedly cool. I actually ran much faster than I expected because the change in temperature was so great. I was completely exhausted and felt stiff from sitting so much but I was glad to keep the streak alive!

Yesterday, I got to meet Mr. B and his wife at the local lake for a run. It was so great to get to catch up! Neither of us are ready for school to start though. We walked 2 mikes with Mrs. B and then jogged 3. It was lovely. The sun was warm by the time we were done but the air was cool and surprisingly not humid. I did take some time to stretch and listen to a meditation in the afternoon yesterday, which was awesome. I was super tight from beach running and car sitting.

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