Another day down

I felt a little better this morning so I ran 3 miles and did a shoulders and arms lifting workout. I was pretty worn out after, which I expected after how I’ve felt the last few days. I didn’t go all out to make sure I didn’t overextend myself. I needed to pay the water bill so I ran a different route than usual to drop off that payment. I haven’t posted about my recycling pick up in a long time but I’ve still been committed to trying to pick up 2 recyclable items off the ground during each run. Some days there are more options on the ground than others. Today I had plenty of items to choose from since I ran a different route than usual. My favorite to pick up are clear plastic water bottles because I can see what’s inside of them. My preference is nothing or just a little bit of water. My next favorite item to pick up is cans that have been run over because they are usually empty and easier to carry. I also make an effort to pick up items on the second half of my run so I don’t have trash in my hands the whole time. Today I turned around at the 1.5 mile mark because I saw so many of my favorite items that I wanted to go back and pick them up on my way home. I had about 5 recyclable items by the time I got home. It was a good day in that regard. I found very little trash when I was running in Phoenix so it was good to catch back up some. We travel again on Saturday so I’m hoping I can get a decent run in tomorrow. I just realized that I have no idea when I’ll run on Saturday because we are leaving well before sunrise. I’ll have to think that through. I did look up my Whole30 end date and it’s Monday. I lost my measurements from the beginning of this round though because I gave my iPod to one of my boys to use as an iPhone when he broke his and my notes must not have been backed up. I know my clothes are fitting a little better, which is progress in the right direction. I do have more weight to lose that I gained over the past year so I’ll need to take some time to decide if I want to continue my current eating commitments or if I need to make some changes as the school year starts. I’m assisting Mr. B with Cross Country so the beginning of the year will be hectic. I’m really excited to help coach though. I have a couple of girls that have been emailing me questions as they have started running to get in shape for the season. It is so great to get to share my running knowledge!!

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