Short run and short hike

I was out late last night taking my older boys to an open mic night so I tried to sleep in a little bit today.  I ran a little over 2.25 miles this morning and scoped out a park that I was hoping to use for pull-ups with my legs and back workout tomorrow.  It looks like it will work perfectly!  My youngest son was really hoping to go on a hike with mom after his brother’s hike with me the other day so we decided to do that this morning after dropping off my husband at work.  He really wanted to climb a mountain so we went part way up Piestewa Peak.  He wanted to go farther than we did but I didn’t want it to turn into a negative experience for him so I decided to call it earlier than was necessary.  He had a great time so I’m glad we turned around when we did.  It was about 92 degrees by the time we got to the bottom and the sun was getting intense.  He wanted to wear his new “sun” hat on the hike but I think he learned quickly that this hat isn’t really too great in the sun.  He sure does look cute in it though.0726170808

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