Intervals in the heat and humidity

This morning it was super humid for Phoenix.  It was 80 degrees with 70% humidity.  It almost felt like Florida!  I wanted to get a good run in anyway and ran my favorite interval workout.  There is a fantastic running path near our hotel and the hotel hands out maps, which is awesome.  I ran right at sunrise although cloud cover ruined any chance of seeing a colorful AZ sunrise.  My pace was about the same as my last interval run, which was great considering the heat and humidity.  I really need to set aside some time to stretch before I do another hard workout.  Between the hiking and the intervals, I am going to have some tight muscles.  I did end up with a bit of a headache this afternoon and I think it was because I was sweating so much during my run.  Oddly enough, cherries seemed to be the trick to feeling better.  I wish I had tried them earlier in the day!  Also, I got to stock our kitchenette at the hotel today with a trip to Whole Foods, which is where the fresh cherries originated.  I felt so much better about my options at dinner because I knew I could eat when I got back to the room.  I didn’t feel too sorry for myself when all I could eat was a salad with salsa on it.  The hot dogs, chips, and cheese sauce were not even a temptation.  I’m hoping for less humidity for my run tomorrow although the temperature isn’t expected to dip below the 80s overnight so it certainly won’t be cool.

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