We leave for part 1 of 2 of our summer vacations tomorrow.  My husband is traveling to Phoenix for work and the kids and I get to tag along.  So, it really isn’t a super relaxing vacation but that is where part 2 comes into play.  Adding planning and packing to my already hectic schedule isn’t fun but visiting friends in the valley of the sun is fun so I do it anyway.  Yesterday I had a rest day so I plodded through 1 slow mile in the morning before it got super hot.  I really didn’t enjoy it.  I was tired and would have rather waited until later in the day to run but knew the heat and my schedule wouldn’t permit a later run so I endured.  It was honestly in my top 10 least favorite runs of my streak.  I felt like I was willing my legs forward with each step.  I am over a week into the 4am wake-up calls and I am feeling that lost sleep.  This morning I felt better than yesterday morning.  I ran 2 miles before the intense heat of the day and did half of P90x chest and back.  It wasn’t my best workout but it also didn’t come close to touching the top 10 worst so I was pretty happy with that.  Tomorrow we are leaving early and will drive straight through to Phoenix.  I will have to plan my runs strategically over the next couple of days.  Once we get to Phoenix, I will work hard to get my sleep schedule back on track.  This will be especially important since 4am here is 2am there.  I don’t think the heat of the day has even fully dissipated at that hour!  I will want to wake up at sunrise to run though so my early circadian rhythm will serve me well there.  I keep forgetting to update on my Whole30 adventure.  I made a delicious fish soup on Tuesday and just finished it today.  I had never put fish in soup before and was pleasantly surprised!  I had one bout of stress eating on Tuesday night after the trail run and the strong storms that followed.  I ate tortilla chips.  I felt bad about it but got right back on track.  It will take a lot of planning to stay on my Whole30 while traveling but I know it will be worth it!  We do have a suite with a kitchenette booked in Scottsdale, which is a critical factor for my Whole30 success once we get there.  Well, that and Flower Child.  And True Foods.  And Whole Foods.  And Trader Joe’s.  The healthy food options there are honestly amazing.

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