Trail run

Tonight I got to go on a group trail run at the local lake.  It was awesome!  I haven’t really understood the trails out there so it was helpful that the guy leading the run was the one that created the trails.  We made it almost 3 miles before a storm started kicking up the wind.  It was fun to meet a few new people and explore a local trail system.  Mr. B and I usually don’t stray too far off the paved path when we run at the lake.  After a few more of these group runs, I’m hoping I will have them down.  They have almost 10 miles in trails, which is a real gem in this small area.  The local Ride and Run shop keeps them maintained really well.  It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back.  I did do a slow mile this morning just so I wouldn’t feel pressure at tonight’s group run.  I’ve been super tired at the end of the day with these 4am wake-ups for my daughter’s detasseling.  If I decided to bail, I didn’t want to be stuck running in the heat alone.  This morning’s run at sunrise was fantastic.  I also had a chance to do my stretches up the wall this morning and do a silent meditation.  It was a great start to the day.  Yesterday, I ran my favorite 7 mile run out into the country.  I hadn’t been out there in weeks.  It was a lovely run.  On the run, I only saw 3 cars the whole time, 7 wild turkeys, and heard one gunshot.  The gunshot was a little unnerving…  I hadn’t run that long in awhile and I sure felt it in the last 2 miles.  My heart rate stayed in my desired range for the majority of the run though and my pace was about what I expected.  Overall, a great run.

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