Still streaking!

I waited until tonight to run so I could make sure my foot was okay. I iced it this morning and did my stretches. It’s tender but more on the side of my foot where I rolled onto a rock than the ankle or knee, which were both twisted in my elegance. I walked a mile and jogged a mile tonight and my ankle was sore at the beginning of the run. I was nervous but tried not to focus on it because I didn’t want to overreact. By the end of the mile, my ankle wasn’t hurting but my knee was feeling achey. Long story short, I don’t think I have any major injuries but I will likely have a lovely colored bruise on the side of my foot for awhile. My next hard workout is upper body anyway so I’ll just take it easy on my running for the next few days. I’m sitting here icing my foot while I listen to the neighborhood celebrate. No walking in the dark for me tonight!

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